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Killsquad Cheats Allow For God Mode, Infinite DNA, Unlimited Credits

Novarama’s Killsquad Cheats managed to catch the attention of gamers when it arrived on Steam in Early Access during the middle of July. While some of the reviews are mixed for the isometric, four-player cooperative hack-and-slash action RPG, it’s still a lot more popular than you might have imagined.

For gamers who want a leg up on the grind and unlock system, some Killsquad cheats have surfaced for the new game.

The first cheat trainer is available for download from over on

The trainer contains the following Killsquad cheats:

Long ability + item cooldown

No DNA on collect

1 DNA on collect

Long ability cooldown

50 DNA on collect

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The top cheats aren’t really cheats but actually more like difficulty modifiers, since I doubt most gamers don’t want to collect resources from downed enemies, nor would they typically want longer skill cooldowns.

The hardcore cheats are for gamers who want an even harder difficulty than what the game ships with. I don’t see that being a popular option with most people, but they’re there for those of you with an edge for punishment and facile finger-work that requires greater challenge from your interactive entertainment sessions.

There’s a second trainer that you can grab from over on Cheat Happens.

The Killsquad cheats feature the following options:

Unlimited Health

Unlimited Armor

Unlimited Shield

Unlimited Jumps

Full Super Damage Meter

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There are a lot more helpful cheats in the trainer from Cheat Happens compared to all those other debilitating options provided in the MegaDev offering.

You get more options for reducing damage, reducing cooldowns, or modifying your inventory items. The only drawback to the Cheat Happens trainer is that it requires a premium membership. So keep that in mind if you plan on using that trainer. It is compatible with the trainer manager, though.

Now if you’re not into trainers but prefer the cheat table instead, there’s a free table over on Fearless Revolution.

The Killsquad cheats table features the following options:


Max Health

Cooldown Multiplier (DO NOT SET TO ZERO)

Dodges Remaining

Max Dodges

There are no other special requirements to get the table working so long as you have the Cheat Engine enabled. Just plop it on and go.

As for Killsquad… it’s made by Spanish developers who have a passion for ARPGs and want to bring the game to life for like-minded gamers.

They’ve already released the Early Access roadmap, which includes new areas and enemies scheduled to release in August, new community features and skin packs in September, with a new playable hero class and additional mission in October, and even more missions and content set to arrive in December.

They plan to run through the Early Access phase for the next six months, with a scheduled full release in early 2020.

Now since these cheats can affect the game both in single-player and in multiplayer, it’s advised you DO NOT play with the cheats while online with others, otherwise, those snitches might rat you out and get your account VAC banned, and then you’ll have to waste weeks groveling at the feet of Valve employees to unban your account. It’s not worth it, trust me.

For more info on Killsquad feel free to visit the Steam store page, where the game is currently available for $24.99.

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