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1490580cookie-checkPresident Trump To Meet With Big Tech, Explore Regulatory Options To Curb Censorship

President Trump To Meet With Big Tech, Explore Regulatory Options To Curb Censorship

Social media censorship has ramped up over the last couple of years in incalculable ways. A lot of the censorship is aimed at Conservatives, but some Liberals and those on the Left have been hit by the censorship, too. Well, at the recent social media summit held at the White House, President Trump finally threw the gauntlet down, announcing that he would be meeting personally with representatives from big tech and that his cabinet would exploring regulatory options to curb the censorship and protect the free speech of Americans.

NewsChute posted the hour long speech from Trump, which you can check out below.

At the 49 minute mark Trump explained….

“I’m announcing that we will ask representatives of the major social media platforms to join me at the White House over the next month, have a big meeting and a real conversation. We might want to invite some of you [points to guests in the room]. Josh [Hawley] we’ll have you and some of the Senators – and it’s amazing how some of the Senators, including Democrats – which in all fairness it can turn on them also, it can turn very quickly – but they want to come so we’ll let you know the date.


“And today I’m directing my administration to explore all regulatory and legislative solutions to protect free speech and the free speech rights of all Americans. That’s you people in this room and a lot of people out there. We hope to see transparency, more accountability, and more freedom. That’s on both sides. This is not – I am not speaking for our side, assuming you’re – I don’t even know if you’re on our side. You could be some of the most Liberal people in the world and it’s okay. I don’t care. But we’re talking about for everybody.


“Big tech must not censor the voices of the American people. To all the social media influencers here today, you have a lot of power and a lot of strength, and you have to use it wisely. Many of you do, but you have to.”

This comes after multiple cases of high-profile censorship from social media giants like Facebook and Twitter, as well as the recent leaks from Project Veritas showing that Google plans to manipulate the 2020 elections.

Of course, having talks and meetings isn’t really solving the problem. Google, Twitter, and Facebook continue to evade any sort of recourse while they keep ramping up the censorship and suppressing the speech of American citizens.

Many Leftists are championing the censorship because they support Communism and want to see America fall in the same way that Venezuela has, so unfortunately it’s been difficult getting any sort of political action going since Conservatives are slow to act and the Liberals are okay with the censorship.

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