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They Are Billions Cheats Include God Mode, Infinite Gold

Numantian Games’ They Are Billions gained quite the following on Steam for PC before releasing on PS4 and Xbox One. The steampunk strategy game combines civilization management with tower-defense gameplay and action-oriented real-time combat. Well, for gamers who have a tough time managing their resources and fending off their illustrious city from hordes of the infected, the are some They Are Billions cheats to help you out.

The first cheat trainer is available for free and works with the latest version of the game. You can grab the trainer from over on the Mr. Antifun forum.

The They Are Billions cheats contain the following options:

Infinite Wood

Infinite Stone

Infinite Iron

Infinite Oil

Infinite Gold

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Now before you crack open the trainer and start cheating like Kevin Hart in front of a hotel while your wife is pregnant, you’ll need to take a few things into consideration.

First of all, for the super game speed cheat, first, start a new mission and then activate the cheat, but only keep it on during the actual mission. Once the mission is over turn off the cheat lest your game will get glitched.

For the research cheat first open up the research tree window and then activate the research points cheat. For the resources cheats you’ll first have to start a mission and then click on your headquarter to apply the designated resource cheat.

You’ll also need to be patient for some of the cheats to take effect because it will take a while for them to load into memory. If they don’t then just wait for the trainer to catch up, assuming it doesn’t crash.

There’s a second cheat trainer you can get your hands on over on the Cheat Happens website.

The trainer is a premium trainer so keep that in mind, but it’s also a lifetime trainer so you’ll always have access to it.

The They Are Billions cheats contained within the trainer are listed below:

Friendly Units God Mode

Edit Health of Units and Buildings

Easy Construct Buildings/Units/Show Research

Fast Construct Buildings

Fast Produce Units

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So basically you get everything from the free trainer, and then some.

Now if you’re not keen on paying to get your hands on some cheats, there’s also a free cheat table available for download over on The Cheat Script.

The They Are Billions cheat table works with Cheat Engine. The list of cheats are below:

Unlimited Resources

Unlimited Colony Assets

Get HP Addresses [Activate: Hit/Get Hit Once]

God Mode

Instant Kill

It may not be much but it’s something and it’s free.

There’s also a free They Are Billions cheat trainer available for download over on

The cheats available in the trainer are listed below:

Unlimited Gold

Unlimited Wood

Unlimited Stone

Unlimited Iron

Unlimited Oil

As for They Are Billions, the game has garnered quite a following both on PC and now that it’s available on home consoles. The reviews have mostly been positive for the game and Numantian Games has managed to carve out a niche by essentially combining Warcraft with Warhammer and Left 4 Dead.

They Are Billions - Mechs

The full game features more than 48 different campaign missions spread across 60 hours of gameplay, 90 different technologies you can research and build, as well as building up your hero as you construct defenses, raise an army, and attempt to stave off total destruction at the hands of billions of infected.

To add some additional replayability to the game there is a survival mode as well, for those of you who want to test your wits and might against the incalculable hordes.

You can grab a digital copy of They Are Billions right now over on the Steam store for $29.99 or you can nab the game for the Xbox One from the Microsoft Store or for the PS4 from the PlayStation Store.

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