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1497940cookie-checkAlyssa Wong Deleted Around 45,000 Tweets But Not One Saying F*ck Stan Lee

Alyssa Wong Deleted Around 45,000 Tweets But Not One Saying F*ck Stan Lee

Bounding into comics wrote an article highlighting that Alyssa Wong was hired by Marvel Comics despite calling C.B. Cebulski a “racist”. A thing Wong does to quite a lot of people if the tweets she left undeleted from her approximately 45,00 tweet purge are any indication of her general behavior. Just to reiterate a point for one second,  Alyssa Wong deleted approximately 45,000 tweets. There is no doubt the deleted tweets were mostly of an unsavory nature but the exact content of them is lost to the sands of time.

Now then, the article was picked up by many YouTube commentary channels, including One Angry Gamer supporter TheQuartering, and videos were made. I highlight the video by Jeremy because he focused on a “tweet” that purported to show Alyssa Wong saying negative things about Stan Lee. A tweet that was offered up by a Kaiser Leo on Twitter.  Jeremy did say several times in his video that he had doubts about the veracity of the tweet. Although, to be fair he did pin a link to his video, with a definite title saying it was a tweet from Wong, on his Twitter feed.Yes, that is a reply to him from someone else because Hambly did eventually take it down and replace it with a pinned tweet promoting his updated video.

Now, the evidence that this egregious tweet from Wong might be real was a reply to a deleted Wong tweet, from the same Kaiser Leo that started the “controversy”. Immediately people noticed the Wong tweet was dated 2018 and the Leo reply tweet was dated 2017. Despite this time discrepancy in the tweets, Jeremy ran with the possibility, he still had his doubts, that the Wong “fuck Stan Lee” tweet was real. He brought up the many known shitty tweets from Wong, specifically the ones calling C.B. Cebulski a racist as “evidence” that such a tweet could be from Wong.

That’s when I had a “big brain” moment. You see, the Kaiser Leo reply tweet mentions Stan Lee, the strongest “evidence” cited, and Jack Kirby creating Black Panther. It goes on to mention Don McGregor writing Black Panther. It ends by mentioning a non Native American Chris Claremont introducing a Native American X-Men member. This activated the ol’ almonds and made me wonder if Kaiser’s reply was actually in reply to Wong tweet calling Cebulski racist for being a white man who used an Asian pen name? So, I tweeted to Kaiser and asked him. Kaiser went on to agree my theory was most likely correct.

With all that said, allow me to recap. Alyssa Wong has many shitty tweets, a fuck ton she deleted, but the tweet saying “fuck Stan Lee” is faker than a CNN ethics policy. This is why we look before we leap and never believe anything we see on the internet.

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