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My Time At Portia Cheats Contain Infinite Items, God Mode, Easy Crafting

Hong Kong developer Pathea Games managed to find some startling success with their crowdfunded title My Time At Portia. The post-apocalyptic, slice-of-life RPG exploded into popularity when it entered into Early Access on Steam, but it grew, even more, when the game launched on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and on Xbox One during the summer. To accommodate the latest updates for the game, there are some new cheats available and updated trainers.

The first trainer is available for free from over on the Mr. Antifun forum.

The trainer contains the following cheats for My Time At Portia:

Infinite Health

Infinite SP

Infinite Endurance

Freeze Time

Infinite Coins

The trainer was updated to match the release version of the game on home consoles, as well as the game’s graduation from Early Access.

In order to make use of the cheats, you first have to load into the game world and then activate the cheat trainer options. For the infinite coins cheat, first, open your inventory and then activate the cheats; close the inventory and open it again and the cheats should be applied.

For the bar item cheat, you need to first put at least one item in your quick bar and then activate the cheat. From there, you’ll have access to an infinite amount of items from your quick bar. The same thing applies to the skill points. Open up the skill window and then turn the cheat on for infinite skill points; close out the skill window and then open it again and you should have infinite points.

For the max relations cheat, you first have to get into a relationship with someone, and then proceed to activate the cheat. When you gain any relationship points after that it will mas out your relationship with that person.

There’s another trainer available over on

The trainer contains the following My Time At Portia cheats:

+500 Gold

Infinite stamina

Infinite endurance


Instant crafting

These have slightly different caveats for when you’re activating them. For instance, for the infinite items cheat, you only need to activate it when you’re using that item, otherwise, your inventory will fill up with infinite amounts of a particular item and you’ll run out of inventory space. Once you activate the cheat for the infinite items, turn off the cheat to avoid any glitches.

The rest of the cheats work just as expected, with the ability to instantly kill enemies with one hit, or stack up infinite amounts of gold. Only the infinite gold cheat is free, the rest of the cheats require a membership to access.

There’s another free trainer that was just very recently added and updated over on

The cheat trainer features the following cheat options for My Time At Portia:

Unlimited Health

Unlimited SP

Unlimited Endurance

Freeze Time

Max Relations

They’re all basically the same as the Mr. Antifun options, and they’ve been updated to accommodate Pathea Games’ most recent updates for My Time At Portia, so you shouldn’t have any problems using them.

There’s a premium trainer available for download over on Cheat Happens.

The cheats contained within that My Time At Portia trainer are listed below:

Change Workshop Points

Always Win RPS

Always Win Spar

Easy Taming

Easy Fishing

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Despite requiring a premium membership to take advantage of the trainer, one must admit that it does offer a rather substantial smorgasbord of cheats in which to manipulate the game. This includes additional prodigal offerings that probably won’t change much in terms of the actual game, such as freezing time or speeding up time or super speed.

Even still, having all of those options are better than not having those options, and they can definitely help breathe some new life into your experience with the game.

What’s more, is that the Cheat Happens trainer works with the Game Pass version of My Time At Portia on Windows 10 and Xbox One. So if you use the cheats on your Xbox Live profile on Windows 10 and manage to get everything you want, you can take advantage of that if you import that save data into the Xbox One version of the game if you decide to play on console. So technically these My Time At Portia cheats work with the Xbox One version if you have the version from the Windows Store.

Last but not least is a free cheat table available for download over on Fearless Revolution.

The table features the following My Time At Portia cheats:

Infinite Health

Infinite Stamina

Infinite Endurance

Instant Crafting

No Item Crafting Cost

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All very, very useful cheats. The best part about it is that once you have the Cheat Engine it’s a free-to-use cheat table. So you can chat to your heart’s content without worrying about membership fees or premium costs.

My Time At Portia gained quite the audience thanks to its nostalgic design that hearkens back to games like Natsume’s Harvest Moon titles but with the sort of childish flair of games like Portal Knights.

The 3D RPG is currently available as a digital download on Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, along with being available over on the Steam store for PC.

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