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1505370cookie-checkBioWare Says Anthem’s Core Update Is Nowhere Near Release

BioWare Says Anthem’s Core Update Is Nowhere Near Release

Anthem failed to meet Electronic Arts magical number of 6 million, which means the game did not sell or move said number within six months. After failing hard, BioWare claims it’s hitting the drawing board and revamping the core mechanics of Anthem, but that’s not going to happen soon according to the latest blog post.

Yes, Anthem is the game that hit the bargain bin on its first day. According to website GameSpot (, this is a new magical trend that companies are doing in the year 2019, and surely it’s not because these upcoming games release broken with poor marketing due to social justice, no it’s just a trend to throw a triple-A game in the bargain bin heavily discounted.

While EA lets BioWare spend money on the game that flopped hard, it looks like both the publisher and developer plan to recoup any loses through microtransactions via additional seasonal updates planned for this year.

According to, the author of the post, Chad Robertson (head of live service), says that Anthem fans can expect nothing major to happen soon regarding the game’s core changing.

Despite Robertson throwing in false hope by saying a team is working on Anthem’s core and that “early results are promising” the following proves a grim future for the looter-shooter:

“We hear your concerns on core issues in Anthem and are acting on it. Those systems require a more thorough review and re-working versus quick fixes. We’ve got a team working on that now, and early results are promising.


In order to address these long-range plans, we are moving away from the Acts structure for updates. Instead, we have additional seasonal updates planned for this year that we think players will enjoy. These events will deliver challenges and chases similar to what you’ve seen, and are built around some fun themes we’re bringing to the game.


As I’ve said previously, we want to be transparent with you that we know more work needs to be done to make Anthem better. We also want to ensure we’re backing up our words with a great game you can play. So I don’t have any news today to share about the long-term changes we are bringing to Anthem. What I can say is that we will continue to engage with you, our community, through PTS when we can show you what is coming.”

So what does this all mean? Well, it means that more live service stuff and timed events are going to pop up, but anything to fix the core mechanics and turn the game from being busted isn’t going to happen any time soon.

Anthem is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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