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1575730cookie-checkVic Mignogna Reportedly Set To Appeal Ruling In Funimation Lawsuit

Vic Mignogna Reportedly Set To Appeal Ruling In Funimation Lawsuit

The lawsuit that actor Vic Mignogna filed against Funimation, Ron Toye, Monica Rial, and Jaimie Marchi was dismissed by the judge at the beginning of October. Despite the somber feeling some fans had surrounding the lawsuit, Mignogna still said he was blessed, and now he’s reportedly going to appeal the ruling that initially dismissed all of his claims of tortious interference and defamation against the aforementioned individuals.

The news comes courtesy of a 10 minute video posted by Minnesota lawyer Nick Rekieta on his YouTube channel. Despite still being suspended from Twitter, Rekieta has been doing his part in attempting to keep fans abreast of news surrounding the lawsuit and the supposed appeal.

In the video, Rekieta explains that he was informed that Mignogna has plans to appeal within a matter of days.

At the 8:38 mark, Rekieta states…

“Mr. Mignogna, I’m told, is going to appeal every single dismissed cause of action. So appeals are coming. They should be coming very soon. At the time of recording this video, I believe there are ten or eleven days left to file that appeal, so we should see the filing of that document soon. And you can follow the filing of that document and any responses on this channel […]”

We’ll see if Vic Mignogna or his lawyers will broadcast the announcement about the appeal soon, or if we’ll just have to find out about it through Rekieta.

A lot of people were disappointed with Judge Chupp’s decision to dismiss all of the claims after he ordered the two parties into mediation following his dismissal of 12 of the 17 claims brought forward by Mignogna.

This all started when the defendants, Ron Toye, Monica Rial, and Jami Marchi, led the #KickVic campaign on social media to get Vic Mignogna effectively kicked out of the voice acting industry. They did manage to get him barred from various conventions, as detailed by, and he was also fired from Rooster Teeth and Funimation following the unsubstantiated allegations that he had engaged in misconduct.

Even though all the evidence clearly shows that #KickVic was responsible for getting Mignogna fired and barred from conventions, Judge Chupp still sided with the defendants, which is why Mignogna is reportedly appealing the case.

We’ll see if he has better luck in the appellate court.

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