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YU-NO Funimation Dub Includes Feminist Lingo

Funimation, after being bought out by Sony and fused with Aniplex, has continued their tradition of including caustic language plucked from the feminist book of linguistics.

Sankaku Complex captured the video comparisons between the original Japanese version and the subtitles included therein, as well as the English dubbed version provided by Funimation.

You can see the original Japanese version below.

The altered version featuring the Funimation dub is here.

Bounding Into Comics did a transcript for both versions of the anime so you can read the comparative differences for yourself (also, just in case the videos get taken down).

In the original Japanese version the text reads as follows…

Yuki: Wait, boss. You sure know a lot about Shimazu-san. Don’t tell me…


Arima: No way in hell do I want to date that ice queen.


Yuki: Yeah, that’s right! But you know, Shizamu-san’s nice to everybody else, but she’s really mean to you. Ah! Shimazu-san!


Arima: Hey. Milday.


Shimazu: Stop calling me that, please.


Arima: Then how about “Mio-chan, the school idol!”


Shimazu: Why do you make me so mad?


Arima: Not sure. That time of the month?


Shimazu: How crude!”

In the English dubbed version by Funimation, the dialogue changes drastically, with the characters adopting a more feminist-themed slant to the interaction, which you can read below…

Yuki: Wait a minute…why do you know so much about Shimazu? Fess up!


Arima: Calm down. I’d never date that ice queen.


Yuki: That’s good to hear. It is kinda weird though, because she’s nice to everybody. It’s only you who really seems to set her off. Ah! Shimazu!


Arima: Hey. So, what’s up sweet cheeks?


Shimazu: Don’t call me that. You know I hate it.


Arima: Sorry, do you prefer “Queen of the World”?


Shimazu: I’ll never understand how you can get under my skin so easily.


Arima: Good question. Maybe it’s just that time of the month?


Shimazu: Ah! You’re such a misogynist!”

As pointed out by both Sankaku Complex and Bounding Into Comics, this isn’t the first time that Funimation has included Social Justice Warrior-style alterations to the dialogue in their localized versions of an anime.

Previously, they included a #GamerGate line in the Prison School anime, as well as some anti-weeb sentiments in the Hajhimete no Gal dubbing.

When fans called out Funimation on their politicized dubbings, they responded by complaining about harassment.

Funimation is also currently embroiled in a lawsuit with voice actor Vic Mignogna after firing him over spurious allegations of misconduct.

The company has gone all-in on the social justice activism, even while fans continue to rebel and lash out against them for politicizing anime.

At this point it would take a catastrophic event to topple Funimation and end their social justice wrath against anime fans.

(Thanks for the news tip Ebicentre and Animatic)

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