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1572380cookie-checkABC News Scuttled Jeffrey Epstein Story

ABC News Scuttled Jeffrey Epstein Story

Anytime someone mentions “PizzaGate” the mainstream media locks down the conversation, throws around wild accusations of “conspiracy theory” and attempts to get the person(s) or journalists deplatformed. Similar things happened whenever journalists tried exposing known pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, all the way up to his alleged death. However, any attempts to break the story in the mainstream was squelched by the powers that be, which included a notable journalist at ABC getting the red flag when she attempted to break the story wide open.

In leaked footage from a hot mic by Good Morning America co-host, Amy Robach, she revealed that they had all the details on the corruption of Epstein, his island, and more. Project Veritas leaked the video to the public, garnering millions of views and trends across social media.

Why exactly did ABC stifle the story? Well, obviously it came out that Epstein’s little black book had a lot of notable names in it, including Bobby Kotick.


People like Alex Jones from InfoWars have been reporting on Epstein’s dirty deeds for years, but big tech and mainstream media classified him as a loony “conspiracy theorist” to diminish his coverage.

Now the media is working overtime to cover-up the story even while covering the story by reorienting what Robach stated, including a statement from Robach that was published that attempts to mitigate blame from ABC as a network.

Just like how the media downplayed Epstein’s connections to various public figures and politicians like Bill Clinton – who visited Lolita Island – the media is now trying to create a new narrative to downplay it.

Even YouTube outlets like Philip DeFranco used charged language to explain the story, referring to Project Veritas as a “Right-Wing” group, as if that changes the nature of the leak.

Worst yet is that no one seems to touch Epstein’s ridiculous “suicide”, which anyone with common sense would see is a cover-up, nor are they actually discussing why Epstein was even being investigated in the first place.

There’s a lot of circling the bowl without getting into the contents therein.

As noted by The Amazing Lucas, even with this leak there’s nothing that’s going to come of it because the mainstream media is filled with fake news and the people who should be exposed are the people running the country.

If you really want to know about some of the dirt involving Jeffrey Epstein, just check out the “Lolita Express” tag over on the Infowars website, and dig a little bit into that rabbit hole.

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