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I.G.I. Origins AKA James Bond Simulator Launches in 2021

If you haven’t heard of the I.G.I. series no one can blame you. The series has been effectively dead since the 2003 release of I.G.I. 2 Cover Strike, but it saw new life in 2017 when the series rights were acquired by former developers. Now genre veteran Antimatter Studios will be helming development of the prequel.

With the lengthy time between releases the game is likely a standalone experience without requiring any significant knowledge of the previous titles. Though the exact nature of the story has not been fully revealed fans of the original series will likely see Easter eggs that pay homage to the original titles.

Content will be broken down into infiltration segments that require the utilization of stealth. Followed by straight up forgetting a stealthy escape and going full James Bond levels of carnage and destruction. Remember no one can testify you did it if no one is left alive.

About the Studio

Antimatter Games may not be a household name, but many of the projects they’ve worked on have been. Their handiwork can be seen in both the Rising Storm and Killing Floor series, both featuring exceptional first person shooter combat. In addition to James Bond Simulator 2021 they are also currently working on a ’83. A battlefield-esk game set in a world where the Cold War went hot.


The prequel to 2000’s Project I.G.I.I.G.I. Origins is a first-person stealth shooter hybrid where players are encouraged to think their way in and shoot their way out. Experience a high octane thrill ride through a spy fantasy world of gadgets and guns against the vivid, sumptuous backdrop of the 1980s. Unravel a mystery that threatens to plunge the world into a new era of nuclear annihilation. You’re going in.

Think your way in. Shoot your way out.

The year is 1980. You play code name “Regent” an agent in the service of MI6 on active duty. Tasked with critical responsibilities of national security, Regent will undertake a series of missions across the world to achieve the objectives of Spy paymasters in a dramatic, filmic experience that explores the origins of the Insitute of Geotactical Intelligence. Using a variety of weapons and gadgets at your disposal, your actions will determine the boundaries of where friends and enemies lay, as you seek to uncover the truth behind events leading to world-shattering ramifications.

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