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Ishuzoku Reviewers, Big Tiddy Anime Set To Debut January, 2020

Passione will be adapting the manga Ishuzoku Reviewers from Masha into an anime come January, 2020. The announcement was made over on the official website, but a visually bountiful reminder was sent out by the Anime Trending account.

The anime is about a game named Stunk and his pal Zel, an elf, who decide to write a book about who is the best girl.

They do so while living in a world where monster-girls, elves, cat-girls, and all manner of waifu exist.

This leads the main character on a journey of discovery filled with oppai and hometown goodness. The real catch is that all of these busty (and flat) vixens of different species also engage in prostitution, making it easy for the hero to… sample the goods for his book.

You can get an idea of what the manga is like courtesy of a review from That Man & His Merch.

The anime is bound to tick off all the usual types who hate fan-service, hate Japan, and hate anime tiddies. I can also easily imagining them getting riled off and triggered at the character Crimvael, who is basically a loli-futa.

Oh, there’s going to be a lot of “rheeing” from the usual suspects on this one.

Ishuzoku Reviewers

Some people were disappointed that the manga/anime isn’t an H-series, but sometimes it’s just important to get some unadulterated fan-service up and out there to thoroughly push back against the current puritan attack on male entertainment. We all know that Japan’s culture is currently under steep attack from all sides, and so if this anime can prove to be successful, maybe it can stave off the conversion (and subversion) of Japanese culture just a little while longer.

You can look for the Japanese airing of Ishuzoku Reviewers to debut in January of 2020 next year.

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