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Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Gameplay Walkthrough

Whelp, folks it’s here. Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment’s attempt to win back Star Wars fans ahead of Disney’s portent disaster that will be Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker in December. The new game is a third-person pseudo-platformer with hack-and-slash elements. The game is available for Steam on PC, as well as Origin, PS4, and the Xbox One.

For gamers who needed a little bit of guidance and help, there is already a gameplay walkthrough available covering the basic story mode. You can check out the playlist below for Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order below, courtesy of YouTuber MrSkillToKill2.

Jedi Fallen Order: How To Play

The game starts with a somewhat impressive cinematic that takes place in a Star Destroyer graveyard.

You play as Cal, and the tutorial involves a platforming parkour segment where you have to learn how to jump and climb climb around the environment.

Like in the previous videos of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, the jumping is done with the left trigger on the PS4’s DualShock or the Xbox One controller.

You can also jump and latch onto certain surfaces by pressing and holding the left trigger on indicated objects, typically when they have white paint, rust, or other highlights on the edges.

You can drop down from platforms by tapping Circle on the DualShock or ‘B’ on the Xbox controller.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order - Ship Yard

Make your way around the environments, as indicated by the linear path.

Typically if you get stuck in the ship yard, look for a rope or a grate to climb.

You’ll be able to interact with objects by pressing in on the right thumbstick.

Alternatively you’ll be able to utilize your Force powers using the right bumper.

A cinematic will play and you’ll have to dodge some obstacles before witnessing another cinematic.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order - The Brotherhood

How To Block, Parry, And Dodge

After Prauf gets killed and Cal is thrown off a cliff into the train below in a confusing scene, you’ll learn how to further use your Force powers on the environment and how to fight.

You’ll need to press the left bumper to block incoming blaster fire and melee attacks. When you press the block button right as an attack takes place, you’ll either parry or cause the blaster fire to go back at the opponent. You can also dodge or roll out of the way using Circle or the ‘B’ button.

You can maneuver around enemies by locking onto them by pressing in the right thumbstick. You can cycle opponents by pressing left or right on the right thumbstick.

You can perform more advanced dodging techniques by locking onto an opponent and then pressing the dodge button to maneuver around them.

As you perform dodging techniques and blocks, your stamina will decrease, so you’ll have to alternate between attacking, dodging, and blocking.

After you kill the Stormtroopers, use the right bumper to slow down the fan and then climb up and head outside.

Kill the other Stormtroopers and then use the railing on the side of the train car to climb around to the side and keeping heading toward the front of the train until you encounter another cinematic. There will be plenty.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order - Second Sister

There’s one segment in particular where it might seem like you’re stuck, but in reality while you’re shimming on a pipe you have to move all the way over to the right and the pipe will break and then swing around so you can climb up a grate.

Kill the Stormtroopers, keep moving forward, slide down the destroyed train, and then fight the Second Sister until another cinematic plays.

We then get the Wolfenstein killer, Cere, played by Debra Wilson, who explains that they’re trying to rebuild the Jedi order, but there are no Jedi around anymore.

The game’s transition between gameplay and cinematics is pretty glitchy, but you’ll be able to walk around the ship, interact with an instrument to trigger yet ANOTHER cinematic.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order - Force Echo


Finally, you’ll be able to play again.

The plot doesn’t make a lot of sense but you’ll need to reach a Jedi vault.

You won’t be able to proceed properly until you reach the save point.

Spend your skill point(s) and then you’ll meet BD-1 who will open up the new route for you to proceed toward the vault.

Follow BD-1 up the incline and then proceed left around the bend and head through the crevice to collect a Force echo.

When you get done hed back the way you came and follow BD-1 across the platfforms until you reach the save point in front of the vault door.

Go left and follow BD-1 across the railing until you enter into the hermit’s abode.

Use the force on the fan and you can then you can modify the lightsaber at the table.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order - Crafting

As you unlock new crystals, parts, alloy, and customization pieces for the saber, you can customize it at the workbench.

Go back past the fan and then squeeze through the door.

You’ll unlock access to the ability to heal by tapping up on the digital pad.

Grab the lightsaber part from the chest on the upper floor of the hermit’s home and then exit out onto the plateau.

Make your way across the plateau using the ziplines. You’ll need to drop down and then zip across to the plateau with the giant frog monster.

Killing enemies and scanning them using down on the D-pad will gain you experience and additional skill points.

Make your way through the caverns and kill anything in your path.

There’s a short sequence where you’ll learn how to wall-run, just like Jedi Academy.

Use the wall-run to move to an elliptical room where you need to wall-run until you reach the case that reveals more about what the room was used for.

Exit the cavern and reach the elevator to create a shortcut to the area and you’ll be one plateau closer to the giant sleeping dragon on the far side of the map.

Head down and through the crevice and then up around to the other side and up the vines. Trek your way through the crevice walls until you reach the ancient vault.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order - Ancient Vault

After reaching the vault you’ll encounter yet another cinematic and then you’ll need to trek all the way back to the ship.

On your way back, after you defeat the giant frog, there’s an abandoned workshop from Eno Cordova.

You can pass through the door and it unlocks a shortcut to get back to the ship. Simply run along the wall, climb up the vines, zip-line to the wall, and then run back to the ship.

From there you’ll unlock your next mission, which will either be Darthomir or Zeffo.

When you get back to the ship you’ll have the option of selecting the planet.


When you reach the base, the main door inside the base is locked. Head left toward the derelict hangar.

There’s a new crafting recipe for a poncho inside located in the northwest corner of the hangar.

Exit the hangar and follow the sound of blaster fire up and around the ridge where the ugly little scud-buckets are eating a Stormtrooper. Kill them, head across the platform and run across the platform to reach the next plateau where a handful of Stormtroopers are located.

Kill the Stormtroopers and follow the path to the other troopers.

Read the echo messages and follow the path through the abandoned village to learn more about the Empire’s role in forcing people out of their homes.

Make your way to the top of the village roofs to get around the disjointed area until you reach the cave with the save point in front of it.

Remember, you can use your lightsaber as a flashlight to explore the dark cavern.

You’ll find some more lightsaber supplies inside the chests as well as way across the escarpment using the windmill, which you’ll have to slow down using the force.

Kill the space alien billy goat and then kill the squad of Stormtroopers, along with the Rocket Trooper.

Once the Rocket Trooper is dead, slow down the windmills and hop across until you reach the other side.

Parkour your way through the turbine facility, and then iceskate down the ridge and toward the weathered monument.

There’s a small crevice in the mountainside you can go through that leads you to some Heavy Assault Troopers.

Take them out and then use the rope to climb up and trek into the base.

Climb around the pipe until you reach the rope. Swing across and slide down the ice until you reach the pathway that takes you back around to the save point.

Head up the hill where the Stormtrooper is just outside a cave and go inside, using your lightsaber as a lamp to light the way.

Head through the smashing pillars and use your Force powers to slow down the rock smashes and then run up the side of the wall and then grab the smasher as its retracting to reach the top.

Save the game, kill the Stormtroopers and proceed through the icy passageway.

You’ll have to do some extreme games-style snowboarding without the snowboard by sliding down and rope-swinging through the caves until you reach a parkour segment where you have to reach a cave where some alien monsters start slithering out of some cave orifices.

Use the lightsaber as a light beacon and proceed up the cave and across the chasm until you reach some pillars that you can hop over until you reach the windswept ruins.

Kill the deformed billy goats and then proceed to your left inside the cavern.

Squeeze through the crevices and and then proceed up through the Force storm.

Use your slow motion ability to get through the rocky debris and then stand on the pressure plates on the ground to activate Eno Cordova’s message.

Tomb Of Eilram

Proceed through the ice cavern, down into the tomb with the rolling ball and activate the circular tablets around the tomb.

There’s a Force echo located in one of the chimes in the room.

Head through the room with the two aliens and then climb up the wall and activate the wind machine to push the sphere. Freeze the sphere while it’s at the zenith of the swing and then activate the machine again so that the pendulum swings back and forth.

Jump onto the side of the pendulum and swing across to get to the other side.

Inside the next room, activate the switch to begin the room transformation and then use the platforms to scale across the other side.

Cut through the petrified moss and hop down into the pit. Climb up the side of the pillar and then jump across to the next set of pillars over the endless pit and then run across the side of the wall and activate the wind chime to move the fungus off the bridge.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order - Tomb Guardian

Jump across the platform and you’ll reach a new enemy… the Tomb Guardian.

Gather up the Force essence from the tomb after defeating the guardian and then make your way to the wall with the glowing blue stuff in it and you’ll have to dodge some objects while attempting to get closer to the pillar.

You’ll have to complete the test to use Force Push.

Force Push can be utilized by tapping the right trigger on the PS4 DualShock or the Xbox One controller.

Break through the walls, push the objects around to reach the platforms and then acquire the new lightsaber material from the box where the destroyed Tomb Guardian is located.

When you reach the next room you’ll see another short cinematic featuring Eno and then you’ll have to fight another Tomb Guardian.

Proceed into the next room, destroy the Tomb Guardian, head through the accessway and out onto the platform and then climb the grate, push the ball into the next room and then keep using your Force push to push the ball into the slot to raise the platforms so you can reach the next area.

Follow the pathway all the way back around until you get back to the area where the pendulum is swinging. Then follow that path all the way back to the room with sphere in the circular wind tunnel room. Close the tunnels and then push the sphere into the center of the room and you’ll be able to acquire the second Force Essence from under the platform.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order - Force Essence

Head back into the room with the pendulum and use Force push to knock the ball into the cracked wall  until the ball breaks through and falls onto the floor. Then push the ball down the pathway to the left until the wind forces it along the pathway and up to the second level where there’s another slot it can fit into that unlocks a new doorway.

Push the ball at the center-top of the room down into the wind slot that will force it up onto the second level and around the circular pathway. The ball will keep moving in the circle, following the wind path, until you climb up and then use the Force freeze on it using the right bumper and then Force push to knock it into the slot.

This will open up the next pathway to an elevator and a new mission to Kashyyyk.

When the elevator stops, you can save your game and then proceed to kill the Stormtroopers in your path.

There’s a chest with some new ligthsaber parts inside. Take them.

Use the wind geysers to float up to the pathway where there’s a crumbling wall with a glowing blue outline. Use Force push to break through the wall, kill the scout droid and make your way back to the weathered monument.

Trek back to the ship through the derelict hangar. There’s an AT-ST on the landing platform near the ship.

You’ll have to kill it before you can complete the level.

Block the lasers and use Force push on the mines it drops to force the mines back at it.

Dodge the rocket and then use the Force freeze to slow it down and then attack it to finish it off. A pilot will come out of the hatch — kill the Imperial AT-ST pilot and then you can get on the ship.

There’s another cinematic and then you’ll have the option to either visit Kashyyk or Dathomir.

In the playthrough, they head to Kashyyk.

You’ll need to swim past the AT-AT units covered in swamp moss.

Get close to the AT-ATs’ legs and then climb up the vines when the left trigger prompt appears. Climb up the legs, swing across the vines and then climb up the back of the walker until you reach the side compartment and then make your way to the front of the unit where the lasers are.

Climb up the head and then leap to the side and climb up the top.

Enter into the walker from the lookout hatch and then climb through the opening where the speeder bike is located.

Climb down into the transport compartment and kill the Stormtroopers.

Proceed to the cockpit and then use the lasers to fire on the other AT-AT walker until you blow it up.

Control the walker and blow up the Stormtrooper installations and squads on the ground, along with the AT-ST units at the hangar until the cutscene plays.

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