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1571740cookie-checkUpper Class Journalists Expose their own Common Man Charade

Upper Class Journalists Expose their own Common Man Charade

If there is one constant in the media it would be their portrayal of themselves as the common man and woman. They are one of us, they speak for us, and are bringing issues to our attention that we’re just to ignorant to notice while we’re struggling to survive… or at the very least so they represent themselves, until now.

Now in their effort to push unionization to make equal of things that are not they have revealed they make more money writing their politically heavy garbage and running their outlets into the ground than the average cis white misogynistic males they’re usually blaming for all of society’s ills and Hollywood flops make.

For comparison let’s look at the “representatives of the common man” and compare them to the common and uncommon man. (Source is google search unless otherwise specified.)

Factory Worker Average Salary: $26,325
Vox Media Marketing: $67,000

Average Miner Salary: $62,620
Writer for CBS: $68,000

Average Salary to serve and protect this country: $31,027
Writer/Reporter for Buzzfeed: $42,000

Average Nuclear Engineer:  $107,600
Editor at the New York Times: $145,000

Average Salary for an Aerospace Engineer at NASA:  $93,771
Writer at CNN: $110000 + bonus

US Senator Salary: $174,000
Writer/Editor at NBC: $180,000

Being Actual Hitler: 29,200 RM plus I8,ooo RM Expenses
Calling Trump Literally Hitler at Washington Post (AKA Writer): $81,000

As you can see from a mere sampling these individuals make more money than the average person. While the “POC” acting street and representing their people by furthering a hostile divide they’re drawing in salaries of: $80,000, $85,000, $95,000 with some of the lowest paid earning more than factory workers at $36,000 a year. Compare that also to those living in poverty who are lucky to make $22,314 a year to take care of their family.

Yet while these champions of social justice are getting paid more than many of us can dream of, it’s still not enough. They want more, and it would be one thing if these outlets were underpaying their staff while being successful, but the legacy media’s ratings have been on a downward trajectory for years. They want to be paid more for producing a failing product.

Let that sink in to the pure level of entitlement those in the media have.

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