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CBC TV So Triggered They Remove Trump from Home Alone 2 Airing

A disturbing hallmark of the Soviet Union to unperson people appears to be alive and well in Canada. Activist Ryan Fournier reports the state sponsored broadcasting company has edited Trump out of their airing of the Christmas classic Home Alone 2.

PJ Media were quick to confirm the validity of the allegations as have several other outlets since the story broke. Unlike their government, the Canadian people do not hold an irrational hatred of the US President and were very quick to notice the scene starring Trump had been removed from the airing.

Taking to Twitter some delighted, while others wondered why they were even funding propaganda outlet like the CBC.

When reached for comment by as to why they removed it CBC made a paltry excuse about cutting content for commercial time.

“As is often the case with features adapted for television, Home Alone 2 was edited to allow for commercial time within the format.”

After Trudeau bad mouthed Trump with world leaders during the NATO Summit and now tolerated his own state sponsored television company unpersoning Trump in his famous cameo you’d think Canada wouldn’t have the audacity to actually ask for anything from the United States. Yet like the weak petulant child they are, they demanded that the United States not sign the Trade  deal with China until after the two Canadians working for Soros were released.

Canada believes they can censor and badmouth the President of the United States, and then turn around and demand the US do things on their behalf. That is some unprecedented levels of audacity. I’d say balls, but the God of Cucks Trudeau very obviously doesn’t have any.

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