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Editorial: Herpa Derpa Moderates Get Triggered Over Perceived Racism

Atypically I’m content in letting moderates and haters just spew their venom and pointless accusations into the ether. After all there are vastly better things to be done in life than to give them head space rent free. Secondly the only people more reliably to give you views than your hard core supporters is your haters. All while allowing you to test your own ideology for weaknesses. Like them or despise them they do fill a valuable part in your ecosystem and do more to spread brand awareness than even your best supporters.

That is not to aim offense at our awesome supporters, but the sheer fact remains the triggered and those who understand their position is slowly declining in popularity amongst the average person will go to greater lengths to ridicule a platform more regularly than its supporters will spread it in the average circumstance.

Recently through an article written by Billy hit way too close to home for many with the mask on and our outright detractors. The article in question detailed how Valve hired a transgender artist who then used their  unmeritocratic earned platform to spread diversity, which as you are well aware means Tumblrism, while offering Billy’s trademarked fun style of coverage.

Well apparently because Billy mentioned once that the character was of course black, we’re racist. Now Billy is more than capable of handling his own accusations, but being the big brained geek  I am, I’m going to dismantle the blatant hypocritical behavior these people exemplify. It’ll be like the debunkers, except I’m poor and not awesomely animated.


Firstly let’s get the elephant out of the room. What these people as a general label does not exist for their collective and I believe haters would be viewed as purely dismissive, exercise a particularly nasty double standard. Wherein the opposition involving but not limited to, Black Nationalists, Social Justice Warriors, Communists, and Marxists are allowed to push for a highly contentious atmosphere in the racial sphere, thus fermenting worsening divides through actions later described without an accusation of racism, but if the opposition to their end intentions objects and calls it out they are then accused of racism.

Note very succinctly these progressives never depict Native Americans or Asians, barely if ever depict Latino women, and primarily push African females of an obese variety. This is a pattern so recognizable a three year old could pick up on it, but if you roll your eyes and go “of course she’s black” this somehow makes you the racist.

The only place that logic and stem from is a racial protection ideology that places individuals into categories determined by race then categorizes them into a hierarchy that affords protection and status by its position in that hierarchy. This is by every definition racist and is also called the progressive stack.

In order for One Angry to be racist, those accusing us of said position must adhere to the Progressive Stack ideology that makes black people untouchable. Never mind the drawing doesn’t represent all black people and to assume all black women are obese and shaped like that is by their own definition racist.

Furthermore the very mentality leads to statements like “Concentration Camps are not as bad as slavery.” A statement that was argued on the latest episode of Louder with Crowder’s Change My Mind, and one that I personally believe he let off way to easily. Especially considering Irish and Chinese were both slaves in the United States, yet the Soy boy in question who stares blankly for the majority of his time turns around and says Asians not getting into school is a justifiable cost for their diversity programs.

One thing you have to appreciate about Crowder’s Change My Mind Videos aside from his skillful command of rhetoric and facts, is how he exposes what the opposition really thinks for people to judge for themselves. Where that plays into my argument is that it is an extension of the same ideological paradigm. Blacks are underrepresented, thus they must be protected and elevated. When that is done you cannot question it or you are racist.

Now let’s look at that mentality itself. Though people may use words that are not to people’s liking in our comment section, let me ask the independent observer who is reading this a question. What is the worse of the two? A group of people who talk a lot of mad shit, but are ultimately accepting people provided you are not a douche, tool, or social justice warrior or a group of people who believe at their hearts that blacks and other minorities when it suits them, are so worthless, so weak, that they need them to elevate them up in this world?


Objectively while one may be perceived as less pleasant they are magnitudes better than people who openly talk down about black people so badly even Tim Pool himself has taken note of it as they attempt to force another race to adopt a new name because they find it “unprogressive” to call them Latino.

All of that is in these detractors’ eyes perfectly okay. It’s not racist to look down on an entire race, it is not racist to discriminate against Asians nor is it racist to demand an entire race change their identification because progressives find it offensive. Calling progressives out on any of this including drawing obese black women, because of course she can’t be beautiful, vibrate, a goddess amongst women, is what is considered racist.

The artist also calling anyone that visits 4chan, 8chan, or support the President of the United States a “Nazi” goes ignored. Nevermind how insanely racist and anti-Semetic that is. That behavior in the eyes of our detractors is completely okay because the artist drew some uninspiring art so Valve could virtue signal how inclusive they are and how much they support the LGBT community.

Let me ask you the reader a few questions to prove my point that Valve is just utilizing the positive PR by hiring a single individual to boost their reputation amongst progressives and don’t actually care about Blacks or the LGBTQ Community:

How much money from the Holiday Sale was donated to charities that directly rather than advocate, help either community? How much money does Valve donate on average to any charity that helps, not advocates, for either of these communities? How much money has Valve donated to charities to help Africa? How much money has Valve Donated to help LGBT safety abroad?

The answer is while they’re pulling in 10s of millions an hour over the sale they’re not contributing a single dollar of it to help the impoverished or the discriminated. Yet our detractors say that calling them out on their blatant stunt is racist, but profiting from people’s sympathies while not contributing to any charities that actually help people day to day is perfectly okay.


Just like in Gamergate where Gamers donated to a charity to help women get into gaming and to save a baby seal that was named ethics, the side actually trying to make a difference is called exactly what the side that understands it is losing power is.

You can criticize the site, me personally, whatever you want. Unlike social justice warriors we’re not above reproach. Nor is it some great “ism” if you dare have the audacity to challenge us on something. We’re human, we’re fallible, but more than that we’re friends and civilized people who can set aside their differences to discuss issues and find real solutions that benefit us all.

Our opposition is more than welcome to come into the comments and argue their case, but they know they have no argument. Their position has no merit, so all they do is point from a distance and call a site with a more diverse range of readers and opinions than their entire friend group “isms.” Since that’s all they can do.

Ladies and gentlemen of our detractors, keep having a good laugh as the pendulum and culture swing back to the right. Keep spreading the word of our site for free so that those who want a dialog and great coverage can find us. After all we couldn’t do this without our haters.

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