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1565290cookie-checkBuzzfeed Reporter Whines About And Misrepresents The Straight Pride Parade

Buzzfeed Reporter Whines About And Misrepresents The Straight Pride Parade

A Buzzfeed reporter (or rather, video blogger) named Ryan Broderick made an eight minute video opining and whinging with soy-adjacent ebullience about being pepper sprayed during a tussle at the Straight Pride Parade that took place last year in August, as well as misrepresenting what the parade was about and who was in attendance.

The video attempted to paint a negative picture of the Straight Pride Parade, and give the impression that the people who showed up to celebrate the greatness of being straight (since without straight people, no one reading this article would exist) as some kind of agitators and disruptors. He even goes as far as to compare the Straight Pride Parade to Charlottesville.

The video garnered more than 1,112 comments as of the writing of this article and barely 8,800 views, which is quite the accomplishment. The best comment out of them all really sums up a clearly avoidable incident had Broderick simply dedicated himself to a more fruitful and worthwhile profession.

The video also has more than 2,000 downvotes.


There’s a lot to debunk in the mess that is Broderick’s video, such as for instance there was no one there at the Straight Pride Parade who was part of the parade that threatened or inferred the intention of violence; there were no riots committed by the people there to celebrate straight pride; and the people who showed up with those so-called “piss bombs” were part of the Antifa fascists, since Broderick was admittedly among the parade protestors, but failed to clarify that in his video.

Hilariously enough, the veil does slip at the very end where he reveals that it was the Antifa thugs who engaged in violence that resulted in the police pepper-spraying them and arresting them. Even Tim Pool had to point this out and call out Buzzfeed on their attempt to twist the reality of events to suit their agenda.

But what else would one expect from an outlet that doesn’t mind spreading defamation, fake news, and is currently in the financial gutter and is on the verge of going broke after getting woke?

(Thanks for the news tip Gemma Han)

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