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1564070cookie-checkCrystal Dynamics Expected Backlash Over Marvel’s Avengers, According To The Game’s Writer

Crystal Dynamics Expected Backlash Over Marvel’s Avengers, According To The Game’s Writer

Crystal Dynamic recently delayed Marvel’s Avengers. This means the game will no longer release in the mid-part of May but in early September. In the meantime, the writer for the game, Shaun Escayg, has come forth to explain that the team was ready to experience backlash from fans.

Any chance that I’m given I’m going to rail on Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics, and Eidos Montreal’s upcoming work that’s best known as Marvel’s Avengers. Why? Because the game is lacking on so many fronts that even the devs had to brace themselves for any potential backlash according to website

That’s right, all the hate from gamers around the net regarding the ugly Black Widow to making the Pakistani-American teenager known as Kamala Khan the main character hit Square Enix and crew, and it looks like the writer for Marvel’s Avengers has responded.

The website notes the following when it comes to backlash and the team working on Marvel’s Avengers:

“There is no pleasing everyone, especially when it comes to hardcore fans of these characters and that is something Crystal Dynamics says it expected. However, that doesn’t mean the studio will ignore genuine criticism and suggestions for improving the game. This is evident by their reaction to Black Widow’s character model. According to Avengers writer Shaun Escayg, the developers expected the game to face backlash from fans, of course, this is 80 years of Marvel history they are playing around with, a history that fans are extremely passionate and opinionated about.”

In other words, if you talked about Black Widow looking like a man, the chances of the devs reading your post about it are high. Also, the same concept applies to Kamala Khan.

Anyway, the website has sourced the February edition of the 2020 PlayStation Magazine, which has Escayg saying the following:

“This is 80 years of Marvel history to play with, and you know, a lot of people forget, but when the movies first came out, there was an uproar from fans. Like ‘this is not how Iron Man speaks!’ And now we face the same thing with the game. We kind of anticipated that.”

Right now, the devs claim that they are polishing Marvel’s Avengers to reach “high standards” that fans “expect and deserve.” We’ll see how that all plays out at launch.

If this game seems interesting to you for some reason, then you have until September 4th, 2020, to pick it up across PC and home consoles.

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