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High Guardian Spice Is Still A No-Show On Crunchyroll

I’m glad that High Guardian Spice hasn’t aired. I’m glad that it seems to have found a spot in Crunchyroll’s dark closet of things they would prefer everyone forget exists. For that abomination? I’m fine with that. However, some people have a deep fascination with asking about the show and have continually peppered various outlets with questions about why the show still hasn’t aired after originally being promoted to the high-heavens by Leftists back in 2018.

Well, the truth of the matter is that no one knows what’s up with the show, but it wrapped up production back in November of 2019, as covered in a video by YouTube outlet Clownfish TV.

The video was published two days after a tweet was sent out by animator Raye Rodriguez, who had informed followers that their work on the show was complete and that at this point it’s just a matter of when Crunchyroll will air the show.

The way the tweet is framed it makes it seem like Crunchyroll isn’t keeping the animators around to continue work on the show, which means that it may run for a season and then they’ll call it quits, or they may outsource the work to others to cut down on the production costs if they do choose to air any subsequent episodes.

Either way, we’re well into January and the animated cartoon is still a no-show on Crunchyroll.

It was quite the controversial announcement when it first rolled onto the scene back in mid-2018 to a lot of controversy given that subscribers to Crunchyroll felt that instead of using the money paid to them by loyalists to feed it back into the Japanese anime industry, they were using the money to funnel it into their own in-house agitprop.

After some media outlets ran to the defense of the show, and Crunchyroll took a vow of silence regarding all media related to the original production, it practically faded from view throughout 2019,  just until Rodriguez posted the tweet at the end of the year. Even the official Twitter account for the show hasn’t posted anything new since 2018.

So it may take some time but don’t be surprised if Crunchyroll quietly slips it into their spring line-up to avoid anymore flare-ups from subscribers.

(Thanks for the news tip anmeggz)

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