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1560370cookie-checkDenmark Paper Refuses to Apologize to China Over A Cartoon

Denmark Paper Refuses to Apologize to China Over A Cartoon

Reality is stranger and slightly more stupid than fiction. As the Kung Flu continues to rage through China after reportedly escaping a Chinese bio-technical company that features the Umbrella corp logo and whose name literally translates to “Umbrella Biotech Limited” most of the world have hesitated to propose a travel ban to and from China, let alone condemn them for developing a virus in an IP infringing laboratory tied to the Bill Gates Foundation. Probably related, but I’ll leave that to Alex Jones to properly rant about.


On January 27th, 2020 Danish Newspaper Jyllands-Posten posted a picture of the Chinese flag with the stars replaced with little Corona Viruses. This is the same newspaper that made the 2005 Mohammad comic that triggered an international incident over people not understanding the Koran only forbids them from depicting the prophet Mohammad. Like the Muslims, the Chinese government with obviously nothing more important to deal with at the moment drew objection to the comic and demanded the paper apologize for putting it out. Naturally, this had the opposite effect of signal boosting the comic around the world.

The paper’s editor and chief possessing the fortitude leaders in western nations and World Health Organization absolutely lack, promptly told the Chinese government they would not be apologizing over a cartoon.

“We cannot apologise for something we don’t think is wrong. We have no intention of being demeaning or to mock, nor do we think that the drawing does. As far as I can see, this here is about different forms of cultural understanding.” -Jacob Nybroe

The Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen also stood up and defended the newspaper stating, “We have freedom of expression in Denmark, also to draw.”

Naturally, the BBC who covered this attempted to de-legitimize the Danish position by highlighting how the Chinese have pointed out how Denmark Surrendered to “Nazi” Germany during WW2. As if that somehow was related to this entire conversation. Outside people telling you to welcome plague victims or be a Nazi despite communist regimes demonstrating a vastly more intolerant ethno-nationalistic tendency over the last hundred years. Including China’s own Mao and the Chinese government today.

Then concluding how the use of this freedom of expression could result in violence similar to what occurred after the cartoon of Mohammad in 2005. A bluff the Prime Minster of Demark surely had a good laugh at considering Demark is a founding member of NATO and China is in no position to be waging a war against anyone at this point in time.

At any rate, this is the kind of behavior the gaming industry and western civilization need to start having against the censorious progressives, centrists, and their cancel culture mobs.

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