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Funimation Alters Joke For Nekopara’s English Localization

Funimation just can’t seem to leave well enough alone. Their latest foray into forestalling the enjoyment of subscribers includes the alteration of a joke for the English version of the Nekopara anime.

Sankaku Complex did a quick write-up about the change, where in episode six during a competitive match there was a short break after the the two bumped butts, where the character Vanilla challenged Coconut with a riddle.

In Funimation’s English dub and in their subtitled version they replaced the joke that Vanilla made about butts with one about “hipsters”.

You can view Funimation’s dubbed version below.

Sankaku Complex explains in the following paragraph what was originally intended to be said in the scene, explaining…

“[…] the original line actually has Vanilla delivering the answer to the riddle as “oshiriai”, which means “acquaintance” (though she added the respectful “o” to also make it sound like “oshiri”, which means butt).”

This was actually brought up a week before by some keen viewers who noted that the localizers changed the joke to “hisper”.

This was corroborated by other versions of the episode that weren’t dubbed nor subbed by Funimation. For instance, even the  Indonesian subtitled version retained the original joke over on, which you can view at the 12:37 mark.

Nekopara’s sanitized joke from the localizers comes shortly after Funimation also altered a joke in Bofuri.

The company has become notorious for taking regressive liberties with the dubs for various anime to make them align more to the politically distorted views of the localizers. It also doesn’t help that they bent the knee to cancel culture cultists and fired voice actor Vic Mignogna based on unproven and unsubstantiated accusations.

(Thanks for the news tip Guardian EvaUnit02 and VersedGamer)

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