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The Outer Worlds For Nintendo Switch Delayed Due To Coronavirus

The team in charge of porting The Outer Worlds to the Nintendo Switch at Virtuos Studios has been impacted by the current lockdown taking place in China involving the Coronavirus. Virtuos Studios has offices throughout Shanghai, Chengdu, and Xi’An. Publisher Private Division didn’t say which of the studios in China was impacted, but the release of The Outer Worlds on Switch may not arrive as previously scheduled.

The announcement about the delay for the Switch version of the game came via a tweet on February 6th, 2020 by the Private Division official Twitter account.

In the follow-up tweet the company did mention that the team is okay and that they haven’t been directly affected by the virus, but due to the precautions being taken in the mainland at this time, their offices have been closed.

The PRC extended the Lunar Holiday in the mainland and encouraged people to stay in as they attempt to control the spread of the virus.

For those of you who haven’t been keeping track of the news, initially corrupt mainstream media outlets tried to downplay the effects of the virus as well as its spread. Lots of misinformation and platform manipulation was put into play in order to make it seem as if the Coronavirus wasn’t as bad as some whistleblowers in China made it seem.

One of the whistleblowers is now dead due to the virus, as reported by NPR.

YouTube has also suppressed the news from non-mainstream outlets and you’ll only really find honest news about the virus on places like Liberum Arbitrium on Bitchute.

It’s a real shame because not only is mainstream news misrepresenting the news but big tech are getting in on the digs as well. Twitter permanently suspended Zero Hedge for honestly reporting on the Coronavirus after Buzzfeed launched a witch hunt against them, and YouTube is suppressing videos from non-mainstream sources when you search it up.

This has resulted in people like Styxhexenhammer666 and Stefan Molyneux to rely on spreading the word through Bitchute in order for the news to actually be seen.

Now the virus has become so dangerous that video games are being affected by it. Although, in this case it’s not like Switch owners would really be missing out on anything special by not being able to play The Outer Worlds.

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