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1560770cookie-checkTolkien Trust Helps Fund Organizations That Bring Refugees Into UK

Tolkien Trust Helps Fund Organizations That Bring Refugees Into UK

One would have expected that the Tolkien estate — responsible for The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings — would be one of the last holdouts against the surge of drone-themed behavior coming from globalists, but that’s no longer the case. Reports have surfaced that the estate is now funding organizations that encourage the surge of refugees flooding into the United Kingdom.

FrontpageMag did a detailed breakdown of some of the organizations that the Tolkien Trust have been funding recently after they scoured through page 12 and page 13 of the charity’s 2018 fiscal report available on the U.K’s Charity Commission website.

Out of the total £3.7 million expenditure, £40,000 was given to Asylum Welcome. FrontpageMag linked to an article on Oxford Student that revealed that many of the refugees that Asylum Welcome helps bring into the United Kingdom come from Middle-Eastern countries…

“The majority of asylum seekers and refugees who come to Asylum Welcome have come from the Middle East and the horn of Africa, in particular Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia and Eritrea. More recently, thirty Syrian families have also arrived in Oxford from refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan, as part of the government’s resettlement scheme, and Asylum Welcome works with the Oxford City Council to provide them with the support needed to adapt to this new life.”

Simply put: out of all the charities in the world the Tolkien Trust could donate to, they donate to a charity that is helping to bring more unrest and disruption to the U.K.

But the list doesn’t end there.

Frontpagemag explained the role some of these companies have played in bringing refugees to the U.K., and how the Tolkien Trust is helping aid in their endeavors, writing…

“The Tolkien Trust sent 80,000 pounds to RefuAid which funds Syrian migrants in the UK. RefuAid, among other things, urges supporters to lobby MPs to increase local resettlement numbers. 75,000 pounds were sent to Doctors of the World UK which advocates for helping refugees access the NHS. And pumped another 70,000 into the Koestler Trust which aids prisoners and immigration detainees.


“60,000 pounds was sent to La Cimade, which aids thousands of migrants entering France. 50,000 was sent to SOS Mediterranee and 10,000 pounds to Pilotes Voluntaires, which help migrants reach Europe.”

They’ve also donated £30,000 to the Women For Refugee Women organization, yet they pulled aid for Mildmay Mission, Future Hope U.K., and the Campaign to Protect Rural England, amongst others.

You can get a very clear picture of what they’re spending the charity on and what sort of message it sends based on some of the charities they’re supporting.

As summarized by Frontpagemag…

“While J.R.R. Tolkien was conservative, the Tolkien Trust’s spending on matters unrelated to its founder is similar to any other leftist trust. There’s 10,000 pounds for Greenpeace, 50,000 for Peace Brigades International, which has a history of supporting Marxists, and 110,000 pounds for another anti-war group. Considering Tolkien’s views of the Spanish Civil War, he would not have supported PBI.”

I’m sure there will be the typical Centrists™ to run interference and attempt to justify why a previously pro-Conservative fund is now supporting Leftist charities, but the writing – or rather the spending – is already on the wall.

(Thanks for the news tip QuickShooter)

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