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Zero Hedge Perma-Banned From Twitter Following Witch-Hunt By Buzzfeed [Update]

[Update 6/14/2020:] Twitter has reinstated Zero Hedge’s account. According to an update from Zero Hedge, Twitter made an error.

[Original article:] Buzzfeed blogger Ryan Broderick led a witch-hunt against Zero Hedge to get them suspended from Twitter due to their accurate reportage on the Coronavirus outbreak. Broderick attempted to re-frame Zero Hedge’s coverage as some kind of targeted harassment against Wuhan Institute of Virology’s Dr. Peng Zhou. Twitter didn’t care what was contained within Zero Hedge’s coverage, and promptly permanently banned them after being contacted by Broderick.

Zero Hedge posted up an article about their suspension, which occurred on January 30th, 2020, shortly after Broderick contacted Twitter.


Zero Hedge didn’t know the exact details of how they violated Twitter rules, but after Broderick contacted Twitter about Zero Hedge’s original article, which was published on January 29th, 2020, they were suspended. Broderick even admits to it after publishing an article on Buzzfeed targeting Zero Hedge.

Broderick later followed-up that tweet confirming that Twitter’s suspension of the Zero Hedge account is permanent, and that it was for violating their “platform manipulation policy”.

So how did they violate Twitter’s “manipulation policy”? Well, it was policy that was recently updated on January 29th, 2020.

Twitter posted about the update in a blog post titled “Helping the world find credible information about novel #coronavirus”.

They outright name “Platform Manipulation” as the topic of enforcement that they will be pursuing regarding the subject matter of the Coronavirus.

They outright state…

“At present, we’re not seeing significant coordinated attempts to spread disinformation at scale about this issue. However, we will remain vigilant and have invested significantly in our proactive abilities to ensure trends, search, and other common areas of the service are protected from malicious behaviors. As ever, those who engage in these practices will be removed from our service. We do not permit platform manipulation and we encourage people to think before sharing or engaging in deliberate attempts to undermine the public conversation. “

Basically, Zero Hedge misinterpreted that Twitter suspended them for naming Dr. Zhou in their coverage, when in reality it was simply their coverage of Coronavirus that they took issue with.

Expect more non-Lefty websites to get the boot in short order now that Twitter is aggressively enforcing this new policy so that only corrupt media outlets are allowed to spread news about Coronavirus, such as Wired, who actually published the following article on January 29th, 2020.


You would think that such an article – at best unhelpful in any way, and at worst convincing people to take unhealthy and potentially life-threatening risks – would net some kind of reprimand from Twitter, but no. The tweet is still alive and healthy on Twitter, even though ZeroHedge’s entire account was nuked due to a Buzzfeed blogger with an axe to grind and a narrative to spin.

We’re already living the dystopia.

Big tech controls the information that you’re allowed to see, hear, and consume.

This will only get worse leading up to the elections set to take place this November, where all manner of unfettered corruption and censorship will rear its head.

At this point, it’s just a matter of counting down the days until all your freedoms have been evaporated by the Communists that control majority of the information flow around the globe.

(Thanks for the news tip Bitterbear and ThyBonesConsumed)

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