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1555160cookie-checkAcademia Grows Nervous as Their Lessons Will Be Online

Academia Grows Nervous as Their Lessons Will Be Online

Leftists are more often than not two-faced individuals. There is a remarkable difference anyone dealing with them should know between their marketing and their actual intentions, between what they say in public and what they say and do behind closed doors. Project Veritas has, over the last few years, provided numerous examples of how the publicly assured Trump is a Putin Operative reporters know in private it is a lie or how the “we want to help everyone” Marxists suddenly begin talking about round-ups and death camps.

Academia is no different. In a recent Campus Reform editorial numerous “professionals” have begun expressing great concern that their lessons will soon be online and easily recordable. In fact, Nvidia Graphics cards with Nvidia Experience allow users to easily record the audio and visuals on screen, but there are other options. OBS and other broadcasting software achieves the same ends and often has the ability to record videos instead of broadcasting what is occurring on your computer. Though the first broadcast of an insane leftists indoctrination passing as education will not be long from now.


For instance, when you look at the teachers they will profess they teach evidence-based work, then proceed to describe topics that they outright openly lie about. A fact many are now learning, as reported by Concealed Nation, as they realize they cannot just order a gun offline and have it delivered to their house as the politicians and academics have repeatedly told them. Or are denied ownership because they did not pass their background check as a result of assaulting a police officer after their college whipped them up into a frenzy.

Or the education about White Nationalism, which fails to cover the majority of nationalistic deaths originated from leftists during the mid to end stages of socialist nations that invariable turn towards nationalism to maintain internal unity and their power hegemony. How these deaths are typically of the out-group that the establishment scapegoats all of society’s problems on.

Whereas the official camp numbers that are often cited to demonstrate the inherent evil of the German National Socialist’s system, which the left often cites as to why Whites need to be kept in line,  have been lowered by millions each will never be covered. Nor will they ever cover how slavery was a northern industry with the Confederate Constitution banning the foreign slave trade market. That the last slave ship, the Nightingale, was captured by the US government in 1861 heralded from the north will never be discussed as the south and by extension, all whites crimes are laid bare to the students to make them hate their history.

During these indoctrination sessions, the Jewish Involvement in the slave trade will never be discussed, as reported by Rense. Never will students be taught about Anthony Johnson a black slave owner who owned both whites and blacks or the extent of how many freed blacks owned slaves themselves. Facts such as abolition began in the south with slavery beginning in the North will never be taught. Yet they can tell you the Irish and Slavic slave trade never happened because they said so.

Point is history is complicated, but the left has a way of reducing everything to be the fault of Whites. Whom we are told are at the same time all-powerful and creative as they are craven cowards without culture. Whereas any chosen demographics will have the offenses of their ancestors erased from history, and when that is not possible have it largely downplayed as you are told to let the past go. That is what passes for education on White Nationalism, On Black History, and various other topics made controversial by the propagandist nature of their falsehoods and omissions. If I were selling that snake oil I’d probably not want people to know what I was saying either, nor would I want any footage available for content creators to tear apart my narrative to systematically destroy it.

That is why they are afraid of people seeing what passes for lectures. Once online anyone looking up their institution will find videos showcasing their lectures as commentators debunk what they are teaching with real facts and statistics. As a result, either the institution will have fewer students which means downsizing or the institution they work for will quickly begin to question their continued employment.

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