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BBC Responds To Doctor Who’s Timeless Child Fan Backlash

A quick recap for those fortunate to have kicked their Doctor Who habit before the supply was thoroughly tainted. In the season finale, it is revealed The Doctor was originally a black little girl who fell into our universe from another reality. Her adoptive mother discovered after a male tried to take her toy that she could regenerate endlessly, so she proceeded to repeatedly murder the child through a sequence of scientific experiments in order for her as a symbol of western civilization to gain the capacities of minorities.

Eventually, she succeeds and creates the time lords, while at the same time forming a cabal to operate in secret likely as the next season’s primary antagonists.

Naturally, people were not happy the propaganda vehicle was used to deliver propaganda. Leaving many to announce how they are done with the show entirely. A declaration we’ve heard so often I’m with the BBC in being skeptical people will follow through on their umpteenth “no really I’m done for reals this time” done with the show declaration.

Regardless the BBC has announced they don’t care about your opinion.

“Doctor Who is a beloved long-running series and we understand that some people will feel attached to a particular idea they have of the Doctor, or that they enjoy certain aspects of the programme more than others. Opinions are strong and this is indicative of the imaginative hold that Doctor Who has – that so many people engage with it on so many different levels.


“We wholeheartedly support the creative freedom of the writers and we feel that creating an origin story is a staple of science fiction writing. What was written does not alter the flow of stories from William Hartnell’s brilliant Doctor onwards – it just adds new layers and possibilities to this ongoing saga.


“We have also received many positive reactions to the episode’s cliff-hanger. There are still a lot of questions to be answered, and we hope that you will come back to join us and see what happens, but we appreciate that it’s impossible to please all of our viewers all of the time and your feedback has been raised with the programme’s Executive Producer.”

As I explained in an editorial, the reason they don’t care is most people will just be back next season or refused to tune out this season while complaining. Yes, many have taken the big step of finally stop watching the show giving it the series lowest ratings, but each week millions are still watching it making it an underperformer, but still somewhat successful.

Further, so long as the people of the UK have to finance the BBC with zero oversight regarding what their money is going towards, there is no incentive for them to even pretend to care. They are a government institution and like all state-sponsored institutions with zero public oversight it is corrupt to its core. Fortunately for everyone this “we don’t care what you think” attitude will be changing as the Boris Administration moves to end the BBC Television License mandate.

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