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Death of Doctor Who and of Fandoms In General

By now you have probably heard Doctor Who is done, over with, finished. The final straw of final straws being none other than the absolute retconning of The Doctor’s history into a symbolic metaphor for western civilization stealing culture from Africa then Asians. Never mind Out of Europe Theory of human emergence has displaced the Out of Africa Theory over the last couple of years establishing Europe as the birthplace of humanity and thus subsequently all culture. According to the far leftists at the BBC whites stole it from blacks and the Time Lords Stole their power from a little black girl from another universe.

Blatant as the propaganda was it finally drove many people still watching to pronounce they were done again, as covered in a video by Clownfish TV. A feat that should have happened when the propaganda began at the beginning of this season if the last wasn’t enough to clue viewers in on what to expect from Chibnall’s era. Instead, people kept watching in the millions, which is why the BBC didn’t quit any more than EA or Activision care about your complaints after you’ve given them money for loot boxes and microtransactions. It’s a pointless endeavor to complain while constantly rewarding bad behavior.

To say you are leaving, that you are done as if it will affect the matter in the slightest is purely juvenile if your aim isn’t to the money managers. Those ruining your shows, those using them as a vessel for their ideology do not care. They absolutely do not have a shred of remorse for what they do, they don’t care that it will impact their bottom line or the bottom line of the company. To them, all that matters is how they progressed their agenda, as their adherence to their zeitgeist and community is where they derive their sense of worth and purpose. No different than any other religious fundamentalist who has become a slave to their own ideology rather than being uplifted by it.

If they are honest on their way out they will boast about ruining it. They will brag how it was their intention from the start and how they are happy at their success. Make no mistake the low tier losers who have no vision for the future share the same sense of pleasure from their actions as the upper echelons do. The only difference between the two is the latter has the intelligence to keep quiet, scapegoat, so they can move onto the next project and continue living comfortably.

Shouting you are done is thus a meaningless endeavor and many do not learn the lessons they should have learned watching one franchise burn.

These people don’t learn that when shows like Doctor Who burn those that set the fire will just move onto the next property. The hoards from twitter, Reddit, and communist infested cities unable to determine what they like for themselves will latch onto whatever you make popular. Executives, managers, and infiltrators will just move into those companies using their years of experience ruining your latest property as their gateway.

Then you lose again as you learned nothing because you are so preoccupied with appearing tolerant that you refuse to exclude, to build a community. A community by its definition is not inclusive, it is exclusive, else it is a community in name only. A hollow word thrown around without definition or meaning.

That isn’t to say become an elitist prick discriminating against anything and everything that is different. Not only does that win you no favors, but as you can see now with the Left it destroys your own community in time. Rather understand what something means, what makes it what it is and not what it isn’t and stand by that. If you are a group of anti-feminists then tolerance for anything gynocentric should be immediate grounds for expulsion. If you are a Fallout fan endorsing Fallout 76 — which is nothing but a game walking around in the leathered skin of Fallout — is grounds to say outright you are no fan.

Most importantly, your fandom, your love, and loyalty are never unconditional. You love something for what it is, not a name. When it ceases to be what it is then logically you must reevaluate your loyalty, fandom, and love for what it has become. Perhaps the transformation is a positive one in which case it strengthens the relationship (in the linguistic, not social sense) you possess with the franchise.

In cases like Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and for me Fallout, where the people who have hijacked it are just abusing it as a vehicle for mindless profit-seeking or propaganda pushing. In these instances, it should be over at the first instance rather than two seasons onward after they were permitted to get away with as much as they did.

During the last two seasons of Doctor Who by watching, by participating those that did so gave it credence and rewarded the degradation of their beloved franchise. Like in an abusive relationship they believed if they held on long enough it would get better, but why would it? Those ruining it delight in your misery, those running the show only care about how progressive they can be, and all the while you are rewarding it. There is zero incentive for them to make a good product and let me assure you they do not care you are done. They have won, you paid them to ruin your show.

A friend of mine loves Star Wars and I told him that like with the good Fallout games, just because your continued love has to come to an end doesn’t mean it rewrites the good times. Of course, there are exceptions to numerous to recount but of particular not bad endings and sour tastes so bad you can’t stomach the IP anymore definitely are chief amongst them. Yet you can remember the true experiences and disregard the faux Dr. Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, Fallout as just terrible fan fiction created by a major corporation.

It is Doomcock who canonized the laws of canon that coined the aptest phrase for these instances. Without Respect, We Reject. Yet remember one nugget of wisdom from Aristotle: Tolerance and Apathy are the last virtues of a dying civilization. An observation that is magnitudes faster when seen in communities and fandoms.


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