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1556760cookie-checkNicheGamer Suspended From Twitter [Update]

NicheGamer Suspended From Twitter [Update]

[Update 3/17/2020:] The NicheGamer Twitter account has been restored.

[Update 3/14/2020:] Brandon Orselli updated his followers, informing them that the account was hit with mass DMCA flagging due to some of the videos that were uploaded on the account.

[Original article:] The war on weebs continues as Twitter has suspended the NicheGamer social media account. No reason was given and the owner of the site, Brandon Orselli, is still left completely in the dark as to why the site was suspended from Twitter.

On March 12th, 2020 Orselli sent out a tweet asking why the account was suspended.

If you visit the NicheGamer account at the moment, you’ll see that the account is suspended, and you’ll be met with the following message.


The last articles posted on the site before the suspension was for Lego Super Mario and Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition.

Obviously, something else must have been posted in between that time, or possibly they responded to someone with something that triggered Twitter into suspending the account.

Right now they still don’t know what led to the suspension.

The culture-arm of NicheGamer, known as Nicchiban, also tweeted out that they’re still waiting for confirmation on what led to the suspension.

Knowing how ideologically driven Twitter is, it’s entirely possible that the ban came from someone who didn’t like the site, or it’s because they posted an image of an anime that triggered a staff member. If the account posted anything about anything dealing with politics or coronavirus, that could have been the tipping point for the staff at Twitter. Given how fragile the Silicon Valley snowflakes are it literally could have been anything.

We’ll update the story if there’s any developments on what led to the ban and if the account will be restored.

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