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Number24 Rugby Anime Postponed To April Due To Coronavirus

The sports anime themed around rugby known as Number24 has also been impacted by the ever-reaching embrace of Corona-chan, better known to the populace as the coronavirus, or COVID-19. Two of the episodes for the anime have been delayed from their original air date and have been moved back to April to compensate for the production delay.

The news comes courtesy of the Anime Intelligence and Research Twitter account, which informed the wider public about the deferment of the episodes on March 11th, 2020.

As mentioned in the tweet, episodes 11 and 12 are being postponed, with the former being moved to April 8th and the latter being moved to April 15th. A three week delay.

There’s a link that brings you to the official Number24 website where the typical statement thanking the fans for their support is made, as well as an acknowledgment that the original air date of episode 11 on March 18th, and episode 12 on March 25th have been moved due to the coronavirus.

They mention that production has been inconvenienced and that both episodes have been re-scheduled across Tokyo MX, BS NTV, NCC, AT-X, and Hulu.

Innumerable amounts of events, public gatherings, and television shows have been impacted by the coronavirus, especially Japanese anime since they rely a lot on cheap Chinese labor to help speed up the production of their seasons.

With China having to shut down and quarantine large parts of the region, various industries have been greatly impacted as a side-effect, including anime.

On the upside, for fans of Number24, the show’s delay is minor compared to some other productions, and you’ll only have to wait a month before you can view the newest episodes.

(Thanks for the news tip Guardian EvaUnit02)

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