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1555860cookie-checkRumor Watch: Next Call of Duty Game is a Black Ops Reboot

Rumor Watch: Next Call of Duty Game is a Black Ops Reboot

Coming from a reliable source who previously has broken and covered numerous accurate Call of Duty leaks comes fresh information about the upcoming 2020 release. Tentatively it will be a more gritty and gory campaign that focuses on the events of the Vietnam War.

Given how Call of Duty is played by children, a fact Activision is well aware of, and given the microscope Activision is currently under from investors and increasingly nationalistic/populous governments it doesn’t take a psychic to see the controversy this will stir leading up to its release if it persists in peddling gory torture scenes to children.

Let’s cut to the chase, it appears from the leaks that while the multiplayer will be the typical Call of Duty foray, the campaign appears to be following Modern Warfare’s outright propaganda angle. Though unlike the former game there won’t be a disgusting attempt to use veterans as a shield for its controversial elements and “Muh Evil Russia,” narrative.

Set during the Vietnam war the game will have a heavy focus on the pointlessness of war, that war itself cannot be won as we are all humans. Cynically upon hearing this, my thoughts drifted to this being a commentary on the culture war showing that every side has a humanistic element that renders the idea of war pointless as we are all human beings.

Always wondered if these people ever realized the reductionist viewpoint wherein individual agency and its collective extension are removed rendering the idea of loss of life to be entirely pointless. Thus negating from a philosophical standpoint their entire premise as a counter-argument for war. Complaining about losing a person would be like complaining you lost a skin cell. Perhaps meaningful, but overall pointless. That by extension if the driving forces, i.e., cultural identity, individual wants, beliefs, etc., are all equally meaningless expressions then the idea of anti-war by its own inherent premise is negated as just another meaningless expression from within the collective.

Yet the socialist always elevate themselves above the shapeless clay they condemn humanity into being, so in expressing this viewpoint they reveal themselves in their attempts at appearing moderate. Well reading that you probably just spent more time contemplating higher concepts than the people who wrote the story for this upcoming game did.

Some of the details of the leak were covered by TheGamingRevolution, which you can check out in the video below.



-Developed by Treyarch, but assisted by Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software
-Been In development only 9 or so months, does not have a 3-year development cycle
-Corona Virus could delay the game’s release
-Currently scheduled to launch in Q4
-Cautions views to manage their hype because he feels like it could be like Modern Warfare
-Cautions everything is subject to change and misinterpretation
-No exosuits or advanced movement
-QA testers are pleased with the experience
-They consider it a premium experience but CEO cautioned investors that they expect lower than normal sales
-Will be a Rebooted Black Ops Game
-Either will be named Black Ops or Black Operations
-Utilizes the same engine as Modern Warfare
-Codenamed Project Zeus
-DLC will be free like Modern Warfare except for Zombie Mode, those suckers get charged
-No supply drops
-Microtransactions will be similar to Modern Warfare




-Set During the Cold War with a strong focus on the Vietnam War
-Will follow real-life events with a “Gritty Take” (read as will be blatant propaganda again)
-Will be gorier than Modern Warfare
-Will feature a lot of “shock factor” like modern warfare (read as emotionally provocative propaganda)
-Will be a retelling of the Vietnam Story from US, South Vietnam, and Vietcong perspectives
-Alex Mason and Frank Woods are set to return with new actors
-Will have a gory interrogation during the campaign
-Source sent him lyrics from Russians by Sting that read: “There is no monopoly on common sense on either side of the political fence. We share the same biology regardless of ideology. Believe me, when I say to you I hope the Russians love their children too. There is no such thing as a winnable war, its a lie we don’t believe anymore.”




-Large player count Modes are Returning, 32 V 32
-Ground War has five flags again
-Game has a massive ice map with two sides with tanks and Snowmobiles
-Middle part of the map is a flat ice frozen lake, on the left lies a forest and on the right lies a bunkers and a train
-Most maps will be three-lane maps in classic Treyarch style
-Maps will be formulaic and less cluttered
-Health regeneration is not automatic and players will need to use a Stim Shot (not finalized, and playtesters are being asked to evaluate different builds)
-6 v 6 maps are once again three lanes like Ground War
-discusses warehouse map with open field in the middle
-Another map has a river that runs from spawn to spawn
-A map set in a Russian City, left side is filled with cars, might be either shrunk or changed into a Ground War map do to size
-UAV, Counter UAV kill, and Dog killstreak return
-Bomber Killstreak introduced that takes out all air killstreaks
-Killstreaks include an OP flameflower
-Operators return, no specialists




-Mode is getting an overhaul
-A redesign is occurring after the backlash over Black Ops 4’s zombie mode
-Jason Blundell was fired leading to new creative vision
-Zombies will be more realistic and grounded, not fantasy like previous zombie modes
–Aether Storyline will get a reboot
-Perks and Packs return
-More barriers and ways to play being added
-TranZit will be available on disk
-All work on Black Ops 4 Zombies mode has ceased
-Rumor says Mode will be based in Vietnam

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