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Sentai Filmworks Changes To Love Ru Dub To Include “Misogyny”

Sentai Filmworks is just like Funimation. Both have been co-opted by misandrists carrying out the whims of the Regressive Left and landwhale cat-ladies who spend all day on social media claiming to be feminists. If you thought that Sentai was free of such lunacy, you thought wrong. The latest fiasco involving the To Love Ru dub proves as much.

Bounding Into Comics picked up the news from YouTuber MordethKai, who compared the English dubbing to the Japanese subtitled version, and found that Sentai Filmworks’ dub included a line about misogyny that wasn’t there before.

As they pointed out in the article, in the original Japanese subtitled version, Lala Satalin Deviluke is revealed to be inefficient in the gastronomic arts, leading to the male character Rito Yuki to declare that he wouldn’t marry someone who couldn’t cook. Another character chimes in to quip how Rito is old fashioned…

“Rito Yuki: I won’t marry someone who’s no good at cooking!


“Mikan Yuki: What? That’s so old fashioned.”

In the English dub, Sentai Filmworks portrays the situation completely differently, making it where a man who won’t marry a woman who can’t cook is a “misogynist”, even though that’s how civilization lasted as long as it has, with men being men and women being women (and that’s likely why the West will fall soon if it keeps heading down the path of upending the gender roles for the sake of accommodating the mentally ill).

In the English dubbing from Sentai Filmworks, the dialogue is as follows…

“Rito Yuki: I won’t marry someone who’s no good at cooking!


“Mikan Yuki: That’s misogynistic!”

Thankfully, some people who caught wind of the news have been calling out Sentai Filmworks on social media, pointing out that wanting a woman to be capable at cooking is not misogynistic in any way, which would mean that someone who wanted to marry someone who was good at cooking hated women. How does that even make sense?

Unfortunately, majority of the people responding to Sentai on their thread are thanking them for the dub and praising them for bringing over To Love Ru.

This is basically how they inculcate fandoms with regressive ideologies.

It’s a boiling frog experiment; death by a thousand cuts; sunbed sunburn.

You think it’s fine but they just keep itching in and taking over until you’re spouting off the lines and regurgitating their nonsense as if it’s normal.

They infiltrate, they change; they inculcate and acculturate; and then they indoctrinate.

(Thanks for the news tip Prinz The Iron Blood Heavy Cruiser (18+))

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