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1558490cookie-checkTake-Two Wants Red Dead 2 Hot Coffee Creators To Sign A Clause So They Can’t Re-Upload Mod

Take-Two Wants Red Dead 2 Hot Coffee Creators To Sign A Clause So They Can’t Re-Upload Mod

The Red Dead Redemption 2 “Hot Coffee” mod isn’t out of the news just yet, seeing that a recent video report has uncovered a potential clause that Take-Two Interactive wants to impose on the modders. In other words, the now hidden mod that once had 84,808 total views and 3,875 unique downloads may not see a re-upload by its creators.

Late last month, we reported on Take-Two sending law firm Frankfurt Kurnit Klein + Selz after Red Dead Redemption 2 modders Unlosing and Jedijosh920 for their “Hot Coffee” mod. On February 24th, the law firm successfully batted for Take-Two and had the two modders hide the mod in question.

Nevertheless, hiding the mod doesn’t seem to be enough. It looks like Take-Two is currently looking over ways to prevent the two modders from re-uploading the mod by making them sign an agreement that they’ll never do said action again.

YouTuber SWEGTA has a video report on the above covering the mod no longer being up on NexusMods, which you can check out right here:

In case you may have skipped out on the video or can’t watch it, here’s what modder Unlosing had to say about the settlement coming to an end and what Take-Two could have the two modders sign:

“The situation is pretty much settled. They might have us sign something that says we can’t re-upload it anywhere.


I really don’t want to say too much until this situation is completely settled.”

If this is happening now, it looks like the OpenIV team will have yet another battle with Take-Two and Rockstar Games, much like in 2017.

Seeing that the OpenIV team is working on support for Red Dead Redemption 2, I bet we’ll hear similar accusations and cases as we did back in mid-2017.

Until then, we’ll keep you posted if Take-Two goes through with this requirement that the modders can’t re-upload the mod and if the publisher will do the same again to the OpenIV modding team.

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