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Green Hell Adds 4-Player Co-op To Jungle Survival Sim

Creepy Jar announced that the jungle survival sim, Green Hell, has been updated to include a co-op mode for four players. This is a neat little addition to the game to help make things feel a little less lonely.

The announcement was made as part of an update on the Steam News Hub, where they revealed that version 1.5, which is life right now, includes the four-player cooperative mode.

The ninth major update for the game is available for anyone who purchased the game or who plans on purchasing the game. It’s completely free.

You can get an idea of what co-op is like in Green Hell with the trailer below.

You’ll have to help each other survive together, build together, and fight together.

Constructing tents or houses should be a heck of a lot easier with four people gathering supplies. However, there’s also the added risk of consuming more resources more quickly. There’s also the added trouble of dealing with multiple people being prone to infection, dealing with poisonous insects and plants, and also attracting attention from the natives.

In co-op mode, though, you are able to help other players by taking off leeches from their bodies, as well as being able to help other players who pass out.

Respawning is also present in co-op mode, but if you die then everyone else in the party loses a bit of sanity.

All of the progress, however, is saved to the host player. So if you want to keep playing through your co-op progress, be sure to have the same host maintain the party.

A number of bug fixes have also been implemented, too, improving the overall playability, compatibility, and quality of life features.

You can pick up a digital copy of Green Hell right now from the Steam store for $24.99. For the next week, the game is marked down by 25% off as part of a celebration sale due to the addition of the co-op mode.

(Thanks for the news tip Guardian EvaUnit02)

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