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Darkborn Development Halted

The Outsiders’ Darkborn is winding down development. Not because the game is complete, far from it. Development is being halted due to the team not being able to finish the project. If things change around they might return to it, but it’s basically the end of the road for Darkborn at the moment.

The news was made public on April 30th, 2020 via The Outsiders’ David Goldfarb, famous for his work on Overkill Software’s Payday 2 and the good Battlefield games before they became woke. There was a letter attached to a tweet he sent out to the gaming community that you can check out below.

If you’re unable to view the tweet or the message in the tweet, it states…

“Ove the past four years we have been working on a game property we loved very much. This was once called Archenemy, became Project Wight, and finally, Darkborn.

“Last April we released a gameplay trailer for Darkborn, knowing that it might be our final release. In spite of our best efforts to continue, ultimately we had to make the difficult decision to halt development on the project. Perhaps one day we will return to it: we all hope so and genuinely appreciate the support of everyone who followed us over the years.

“But one door closes and another opens.

“We have been working on something else.

“On something new. Something awesome. Something we really love.

“We look forward to being able to share it all with you very very soon.

“So stay tuned. Stay safe.

“Love and strength from the depths.”

A lot of the responses are leery about The Outsiders’ newest project, since many fear it may be yet another generic free-to-play shooter or something akin to that concept, which wouldn’t surprise me.

As for the game in question, for those of you who missed out on the Darkborn trailer or have no idea what the game was about, you can check out the gameplay video below.

The game is basically a melee-based horror title where you play as a dark-born monster who must feed and grow.

The concept was something quite different compared to other games out there, but I couldn’t see the game being engaging for more than just a couple of hours unless there was more to it than just hacking and slashing warriors and eating them to grow stronger.

Some of the gore mechanics were kind of cool, though, and being able to mutilate enemies

It’s a little hard to see how the game scales beyond just fighting and dismembering humans, but maybe they had other monsters to fight along the way?

In any case, the game’s production has been shelved… for now.

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