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Gal And Dinosaur Episodes Postponed Due To Coronavirus

Another anime has struck by the deadly kiss of Mistress Corona-chan, this time it’s Gal & Dino, also known as Gal to Kyouryuu, the Space Neko Company’s production that’s based on the popular manga series.

Anime Intelligence & Research caught wind of the news and posted up a tweet about the delay after discovering it from the official Twitter account for the anime.

While the message was broadcast on social media from the official Twitter account, the news was also shared over on the official website, where they explained…

“Thank you very much for supporting and watching the TV anime and live-action “Gal & Dinosaur” from now on.

“The TV anime and live-action “Gal & Dinosaur”, which has been airing since April, has been undergoing sufficient preparation, but due to the impact of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), it has become difficult to continue production on some parts of the show, so we have decided to postpone the broadcast.”

The post goes on to apologize for the delay and that they will further update fans about the status of the anime on Twitter and Instagram.

In the interim, episodes 1 through 5 of Gal & Dino will be rebroadcast starting May 23rd on Saturday until further notice.

Gal & Dino is yet another anime series affected by Mistress Corona-chan due to the fact that a lot of external production work either had to be halted in other countries or the offices were shut down in Japan during the quarantines. At this point, I’m curious if Japanese production committees will be relocating production back in-house or will they continue to seek out cheap labor from backwater outfits located in developing countries?

(Thanks for the news tip Burnouts3)

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