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Memology 101 YouTube Channel Shutting Down Due To False Copyright Strikes

Memology 101 announced that YouTube gave him seven days to address the copyright strikes before his channel goes kaput. He’s trying to resolve the matter but the way YouTube’s system works, the strikers have been given ten days to respond, so his channel will be gone before the copyright strikes can be addressed or removed.

The basic gist of the situation was outlined on his YouTube channel, where he wrote…

“I just received a 3rd strike. Goodbye my friends. It was a blast. I was able to help my family in ways I couldn’t even dream before thanks to you. 7 days and the channel is gone + no more videos due to a restriction put in place. You can sub the second channel @Memology 102 if you want to. Thanks for the support, always and forever.”

Using his M101News Twitter account, Memology 101 has been keeping fans abreast of the status of his channel, explaining that the person who issued the copyright strikes is impersonating a streamer named Grossie Gore. He published a series of tweets explaining the situation on May 27th, 2020.

In follow-up tweets, Memology 101 explained who the culprit was, tweeting…

“After GrossGore’s clarification on my 3rd strike, which he is not responsible for, and after seeing that a second strike was given by a person that doesn’t exist. I know who it striking the channel. Shame on @TeamYouTube for falling for false information. I won’t go quietly.

“The same person that swatter ReviewTechUSA, the same person who took down Justin Whang’s Twitter and has taken down videos about DSPGaming also impersonating him, is the person taking down my channel with false information. His name is SuperHound, he is a sick fuck.”

It was then revealed that someone going by Superhound is the one responsible for the takedown.

Others corroborated that Super Hound has been known for using various tactics to log IP addresses and expose the location of certain people.

This all began to breakdown following Memology 101’s re-upload of an H3H3 Productions video on May 26th, 2020.

However, the videos that were flagged were older videos that Memology 101 posted up, including the one of former Vox blogger Carlos Maza, and the video about Scarce vs Grossie vs Keemstar.

On the upside, he at least still has the backup channel at Memology 102, so there’s still some hope. However, the main channel is likely going to be shut down once the seven days are up, unless someone at YouTube steps in to address the false copyright strikes levied against the channel.

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