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1475160cookie-checkPatriot Act Provision Allows FBI Access To Your Browsing History Without Warrant
15 May 2020

Patriot Act Provision Allows FBI Access To Your Browsing History Without Warrant

The United States Senate held a vote recently for renewing certain protections and amendments in the Patriot Act, one of the most unconstitutional acts ever signed into law. One of the provisions would allow Federal Investigators to comb through your internet browsing history… without a warrant.

Techspot picked up the news from The Register, who reported that only two Senators opted to oppose the new provision by vying to make it mandatory for a warrant to be required before any law enforcement agencies could just start snooping into your browsing history.

Oregon Senator, Ron Wyden, and Montana Senator, Steve Daines, were the two that mounted opposition to the Patriot Act’s overreach into citizen’s browsing privacy, but the vote for their amendment came up short in the Senate vote… one vote short, in fact.

59 votes were counted, but four Senators did not vote, including Nebraska’s Ben Sasse, Washington’s Patty Murray, Tennessee’s Lamar Alexander, and Vermont’s own Bernie Sanders.

Yes, Bernie Sanders was partially responsible for further stripping your rights away.

As explained by The Register…

“Under Section 215, the government can collect just about anything so long as it is relevant to an investigation. This can include the private records of innocent, law-abiding Americans. They don’t have to have done anything wrong. They don’t have to be suspected of anything. They don’t even have to have been in contact with anyone suspected of anything.”

Don’t be surprised if this is used to help demonize or paint certain patriots as “evil” in the eyes of the media when the time comes for the government to start making moves to either disarm citizens or attempt to suppress the uprising of any grassroots leaders in a militia.

Your freedoms are becoming less guaranteed by the day, and you’ll be lucky to escape with a few of them by year’s end.

(Thanks for the news tip LupinIII)

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