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Next Battlefield’s Development Is Progressing “Very Well” Despite Devs Working From Home

Although many companies are trying to adapt to COVID-19 measures to prevent any complications, it seems as if the next Battlefield experience is shaping up “very well” while devs from DICE work from home. All of this information comes directly from EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson.

Thanks to Thomson Reuters’ Street Events, we learn from EA’s latest Q4 earnings via a transcript that the next Battlefield is on track when it comes to development.

Wilson notes during the transcript that even though devs at DICE are working from home, the development of the forthcoming Battlefield game is shaping up nicely.

It’s worth noting that you should take everything that Wilson says with a grain of salt since he also said back in Q1 2019 that Battlefield V had “high demand” after its controversial reveal.

With that said, here’s Wilson’s take when an R&D person asked about the next-gen game and its development:

“First, I would say, Battlefield is progressing very, very well. We’re excited by what the team’s doing. And again, in the context of the work-at-home environment, they have been truly inspirational in how they’ve continued to develop great entertainment in the context of our Battlefield universe. I’m excited for when next year comes.”

As of right now, it looks like one of the many things that EA and DICE are trying to tackle is the next Battlefield‘s gameplay flow for newcomers and veterans alike. According to a DICE game designer job listing (specifically for the in-game economy), it is looking for said person to help with the following:

“Collaborate with owners of other parts of the game to ensure the economic systems follow the direction and work in harmony with the game Design, implement and balance systems involving economics for scoring, experience, currencies and resources in game.

Care about the player journey from beginner to master and beyond, always looking for what to do to engage. Understanding of AAA titles for consoles in the action or FPS genre.”

As mentioned before, it’s unclear what kind of impact the coronavirus will have on the next-gen Battlefield game and if it will still ship in 2021 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X. However, if Wilson is to be believed, the next game is doing “very well” while in development.

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