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1474450cookie-checkThe Quintessential Quintuplets Second Season Delayed Due Jan, 2021 Due To Coronavirus

The Quintessential Quintuplets Second Season Delayed Due Jan, 2021 Due To Coronavirus

The second season for the anime The Quintessential Quintuplets was originally scheduled to take place in October of 2020, but it has been postponed all the way to January, 2021 due to the coronavirus affecting the production schedule for the show.

The news was rolled out by the Anime Intelligence & Research account, which picked up the news from the official Twitter account on May 6th, 2020.

The tweet carries an image of the notice that was also posted over on the Tokyo Broadcasting System Television website, where they explained that…

“[…] Due to the spread of the new coronavirus “COVID-19”, we have decided to postpone the broadcast of ‘The Quintessential Quintuplets’, which was scheduled to begin in October 2020, to January 2021.

“We are very sorry to all the fans who are looking forward to the work and ask for your understanding.

“We will continue to work to deliver an even better work while taking into account the safety of the staff and cast, and we ask for your continued support.”

The Quintessential Quintuplets joins a litany of other anime shows and movies that have been postponed or indefinitely delayed due to the coronavirus.

On the upside, it at least appears as if the studio is taking measures to bring the production back in-house to keep the series going (assuming that’s what’s happening and they’re not just looking to find some backwoods studio in a Southeast Asian country to pick up where a second-rate Chinese studio left off).

You can keep an eye on the official Twitter account for more information related to the broadcasting schedule for the second season of The Quintessential Quintuplets, or rewatch the first season while you wait for the second one to air.

(Thanks for the news tip Guardian EvaUnit02)

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