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Twitch Suspends Donald Trump’s Channel For “Hateful Conduct”

As part of the June 29th freedom purge, has joined in on the shenanigans that has seen people like Stefan Molyneux banned and The_Donald sub-reddit deplatformed, in order to suspend President Donald Trump’s Twitch channel for “hateful conduct”.

If you attempt to visit the Donald Trump Twitch account, you’re met with a notice saying the content is unavailable.

According to e-sports consultant Rod Breslau, Twitch suspended Donald Trump’s account, but he claims that the account isn’t banned.

According to a follow-up tweet from Breslau, he notes that Twitch issued a statement claiming that the suspension is “temporary” and that they will apparently reinstate the account.

The suspension was due to what Twitch claimed was “hateful conduct” during a livestream of one of his political rallies. Breslau doesn’t point out which livestream allegedly contained “hateful conduct” nor when this act took place, not that it would matter anyway.

Expect Twitch to follow-up with a permanent suspension, given that it appears anything anyone says that isn’t 110% aligned with the Regressive Left is considered “hate speech” or “hateful conduct”.

This is all in a bid to silence any dissenting voices or stifle opposition to the Left’s push to interfere with the general elections in November. Given that President Trump has done nothing the last four years to curb this treasonous behavior from Big Tech, it looks like their plans will actually unfold unimpeded at this point.

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