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No Game No Life, Clockwork Planet, Eromanga Sensei Banned From Book Depository

Amazon subsidiary, Book Depository, has banned a number of light novels and mangas from their repository after their parent company axed the books from stock as well. This includes the light novels No Game, No Life, Clockwork Planet and Oreimo!, along with the manga series Eromanga Sensei.

If you visit the Book Depository website, you’ll note that every volume for No Game, No Life has been removed save for one: Volume 6.


Some Centrists™ will likely try to use the excuse “They probably never had the other volumes in stock!” but if you check the Google cache, you’ll find that they actually had volumes 16 in their catalog.

If you attempt to click on any of the search links on Google, they’ll take you to a page saying that the product is no longer available on Book Depository.


The same thing applies to other light novels as well, including Clockwork Planet, where according to an archive of Book Depository, all ten volumes have been removed from the store.

According to another archive, four of the volumes for Tasukasa Fushimi’s Oreimo has also been removed from Book Depository.

Another archive of the store shows that the three volumes of Eromanga Sensei, published by Dark Horse Comics, have also been removed from Book Depository.

Many of these are the same series of works that were recently banned from Amazon.

The removal of the books from were spotted by those over on the light novels sub-reddit, who asked why various series were no longer available on

Someone responded noting that since Book Depository is a subsidiary of Amazon, it was the reason why the mangas and light novels for particular series have been banned. Those who pre-ordered upcoming light novels/mangas for certain series had their orders cancelled and the distribution for various series culled.

No new orders, no new books.

As mentioned by Tech Crunch, Amazon acquired the U.K., outfit, Book Depository, back in 2011.

Recently, Amazon has been responsible for banning various light novels and mangas, along with some other distributors, including Australian outfit Kinokuniya Books, the latter of whom also banned No Game, No Life, Inside Mari, Eromanga Sensei and popular manga series Goblin Slayer and Sword Art Online.

The censorship seems to be escalating on an international level, with more and more outlets banning certain manga series and light novels.

Expect Centrists™ to come up with one excuse or another as to why this isn’t censorship or how this isn’t a big deal, all while Social Justice Warriors continue to target more mangas and light novels for bans.

(Thanks for the news tip Ebicentre)

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