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Stefan Molyneux Permanently Banned From Twitter

Stefan Molyneux, a contemporary philosopher, author and sociopolitical commentator, has been permanently banned from Twitter. The ban seemingly came out of nowhere but was met with lots of cheers and applause for the pro-censorship crowd who now makes up the majority of Twitter users in the English speaking regions of the service.

If you attempt to visit Molyneux’s Twitter page, you’re met with a notice indicating that the account has been suspended.


Molyneux didn’t take the ban lying down and decided to talk about Twitter’s lopsided and politically motivated policies to silence only a certain group of people… specifically those who dissent from the Left-wing status quo of today’s Big Tech-run oligarchy.

Molyneux took to Gab and to discuss the issue.


The ban came as Molyneux was releasing an essay titled “What I Believe”, which you can read over on

There was no reason given as to why Molyneux was banned, other than that he somehow violated Twitter’s terms of service, but the exact cause is shrouded in mystery.

As is typical of the Left wing agitators that continue to pull the strings and beseech deplatforming of political rivals, they were quick to gloat about Molyneux losing his voice on Twitter.

Molyneux’s Twitter ban comes shortly after he was deplatformed from YouTube on June 29th, 2020.

Big Tech are systematically removing any and everyone who stands against their narrative.

Once all of the obvious figures of opposition have been removed, then they’ll move on to those who claim to be in the Center, and then those who are just Center Left, and then Moderate Left, and soon anyone who isn’t part of the Regressive Left’s regime will be ousted.

As if it bears repeating: the censorship won’t end here. It will get worse; it will escalate leading up to the General Elections.

(Thanks for the news tip Gab)

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