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1488220cookie-checkTerry Crews Reaps What He Has Sown As People Continue to Push Black Nationalism

Terry Crews Reaps What He Has Sown As People Continue to Push Black Nationalism

“You reap what you sow.” It is a simple yet profound phrase. One whose meaning has been lost to the younger generations and as it would seem, just about everyone in the current political climate. It’s meaning is simple: That which we do today will have reverberations throughout history.

In the past, Terry Crews promoted the idea that we are living under a system of White Nationalism. This idea was allowed to be propagated throughout the youths of Black America, and now you have individuals calling for the extermination of the white race.

Then Crews went on to deny the very sickness growing inside his communities—the militant radicalization of his people against the very nation that houses them.

Fast forward, and you have former Nickelodeon star Nick Cannon saying the melanin gives black people a soul connection. One that brings them closer to god. He goes on to describe whites as utterly lacking compassion, are a “little less” and relates humans as being closer to animals.

Now Terry Crews quotes what he said on The Talk, how we need to bring every voice into the conversation. Be they White, Black, Hispanic, or Asian. That if we don’t, we’re heading to a dar place that we are not going to be ready for the consequences of.

A mindset that immediately gets him attacked by his own community. His response is rather interesting in how it reveals he well aware of what has kept black people down is black people. He outright says he wasn’t afraid of the KKK or other white nationalists. He was fearful of his fellow blacks who threatened him, intimidated him, discouraged him from thinking for himself, and then accused him of acting white as he built a life for himself.

That place Terry Crews warns of is the same place Weimar Germany went to. Following the conclusion of WW1, Germany was plagued by an elite class that told its people they were worthless. That openly attacked them and impoverished them as they became wealthier and wealthier. To safeguard themselves against their own people, they passed sweeping gun regulation, which is often falsely attributed to Hitler. Who, in fact, removed and lessened many of the regulations they put in place.

At the same time, you had the brown shirts (ANTIFA) going around and destroying what little wealth the people managed to hold onto. The German people finally had enough and collectively began acting together. This lead to the rise of Nazi Germany and is why Nazism — in the 25 tenets of the National Socialists Party — says it is a Germanic movement that exists to secure the future of the German people.

Those that want to push this anti-white narrative and agenda consider something that Terry should have realized. If the police can be overwhelmed by a few hundred rioters, what’s going to happen when you have a vast swath of the population that comprises the bulk of the military revolting? Spoiler alert for those that can’t figure it out: Zimbabwe, who drove out their white farmers, now pays them to stay and grow their food. As god apparently didn’t install through melanin the capacity to grow food into blacks.

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