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1491850cookie-checkSpider-man Exclusivity Backfires for Marvel’s Avengers

Spider-man Exclusivity Backfires for Marvel’s Avengers

Doesn’t anyone remember a GaaS Avengers game is coming out? No seriously, I’ve seen more buzz in bee colonies after Colony Collapse Disorder and more anticipation from blindfolded Uighurs being sent to one of China’s beautiful summer camps. That’s not hyperbole… okay maybe it is, but a cursory look at the game’s YouTube channel’s views reveal a strong disinterest in the game by the general audience.



This gets worse when compared to the views on Shadow of the Tomb Raider and just the likes on the trailer for Avengers Endgame. With the prior, you have as nearly as many views on a single trailer as there are on the entire channel. For the Endgame trailer, it is no contest with views, but even the likes come close to rivaling the views for Marvel Avengers‘ entire channel.


That is not a good picture, so what does Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics do? Why they announce Spider-man will be exclusive to the Playstation 4 and release with his own event, costumes, and quests post-launch. If you pick up the game on the Xbox One, PC, or Stadia, you will not have access to this content or event.

When Spider-Man comes to our stable of heroes, we’ll be marking his debut with an in-game event that will introduce him to the wider world of Marvel’s Avengers. The event is comprised of a series of unique challenges for the hero to take on, testing his abilities, and yielding some exciting results. And like the rest of our heroes in Marvel’s Avengers, we will offer multiple cosmetic outfits and gameplay experience options, so you can make your vision of the wall crawler a reality.

Typically, content exclusivity isn’t met with much fanfare. It’s generally an anti-consumer practice that only benefits executives rather than players or developers. In Marvel’s Avengers case, it entails three platforms that will be without content, while Playstation users are receiving their special exclusive event.

All around, this is a bad move that has invoked the ire of Xbox community who are now calling for a boycott of the game.


Hilariously the interest in the game was so low that many users responded the boycott would be a simple matter for them. After all, it isn’t difficult to avoid purchasing a game you had no interest in purchasing in the first place.

Others discussed how Crystal Dynamics would be handling the content drought on other platforms during the exclusivity event.

All this stunt has succeeded in doing is drying up much of the little interest the game had managed to garner.

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