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Three Ways Gaming Can Improve Your Learning Potential

Ask the media, and they’ll tell you video games are the scourge of humanity. The beacon that will summon Anti Doom Guy to bring upon the apocalypse and end of humanity as we know it. As dramatic as that sounds, gamers know the truth. Gaming is a hobby filled with all walks of life, and to those who experience the joys of gaming, there are many benefits that science is still uncovering.

Benefits that pertain to nearly all avenues of our life, but today let’s look at three ways gaming improves your learning potential.

1: Decreased Stress

Stress is an affliction that negatively impacts the human body in many ways. Concerning learning science has determined it impairs memory recall, along with the updating and formation of new memory. It causes stress-induced mental disorders such as depression, anxiety and can become severe enough to cause a person to display signs of PTSD.

That’s not even before discussing stress’s implications on your metabolism, sleep cycles, and immune system. In essence, the more you can reduce stress, the better you’ll be able to learn, and the less your risk of illness or other medical complications that can take you away from studies will be.

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2: Increased Memory Retention

Most of what you learn will be forgotten after a period of time. This is owed to a multitude of neurological functions ranging from memory adoption to neural pathways being reassigned to different functions. Science has shown that gamification techniques, when applied to learning, increase retention of the information by 40%.

According to the University of California, playing a three-dimensional game can boost the brain’s ability to form memories. Thus improving memory formation and retention.

3: Increased Reading Comprehension

Fascinating research at the University of Padua demonstrated 12 hours of playing video games did more for reading skills than a full year of spontaneous reading development or demanding traditional reading treatments on dyslexic children. Naturally, the benefit is not isolated to people with learning disabilities but extends to humans in general.

A 2017 study went on to not only verify the findings, but demonstrated playing action video games enhanced subject’s visual attention span. Visual attention span is the technical term for your ability to pay attention to your reading or observing.

Conclusively playing video games improves your ability to learn. That’s not an opinion; that’s a scientific fact.


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