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1495230cookie-checkWhy Pure VPN? Support the OAG writer team.

Why Pure VPN? Support the OAG writer team.

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With the market inundated with VPNS and advertisements bombarding you every other YouTube video it is difficult to know which VPN to purchase. How does one go about knowing which of the numerous services is not only right, but will ensure it fulfills its intended purpose? By understanding what you are looking for in a VPN.

All VPNs should provide three core facets: Reliable Service, Optimized Software, and Security. Any service not delivering on these three categories is wasting your time and money. Unlike its competition, True VPN wastes neither while offering industry leading service and security.

– Over 6500 Dedicated Servers in 140 Countries –

Pure VPN’s 6500 plus servers in 140 countries offers users the widest selection of locations. Each server is dedicated to solely being a VPN server.  Alleviating bottlenecking and security vulnerabilities created by other service’s shared servers.

– Optimized Engineered Software –

All of Pure VPN’s software and apps are self-engineered to run efficiently in the background of your device.

– True Security –

Pure VPN is certified log free, encrypts all your data, and secures your Wi-Fi connections.

Buying this subscription, you will support, thank you. 🙂

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