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Best card and table games for Xbox and PlayStation 2020

Perhaps with ultra-modern graphics and third-person games, many players forgot that their advanced game consoles like Xbox One could run many traditional cards and table games that provide many hours of pure entertainment.

Of course, maybe playing regular solitaire might seem a bit odd on a 52″ TV, but card games will always be popular, and game developers know it, so new versions and revamped games have been launched in the past years.

A new trend with card games and TV series like The Witcher or movies like The Lord of the Rings has also given this industry a fresh air and considering this, we share a list of the best card and table games that you can play on modern game consoles:

Prominence Poker

Prominence Poker is perhaps the best poker game you can find on Xbox One; this game launched in 2015 and developed by Pipework Studios, is an RPG poker game in which you must compete against many picturesque and dangerous characters while accumulating your bankroll.

The visual experience that includes unlimited camera control is the cherry of the cake of a game that allows players to join poker games that they can leave at any time or tournaments that are played until the last man is standing.


The immortal table game Monopoly reaches a new level with Monopoly Plus, available for PlayStation and Xbox. The board literally comes alive in this version, which allows modifying the rules to suit the player, accompanied by an incredible 3D experience with last-generation graphics.

The gameplay is similar to the traditional Monopoly: players choose a token and compete to buy all the properties, building houses and hotels and receiving a salary every time they pass through “Go.”

888 Poker Mobile Guide

If you want to get into the poker and casino world, this is the best game you can use on your PC or in the incredible HoloLens. 888Poker has managed to create a comprehensive guide to share all details of the poker and casino industry to players, providing all necessary information to play virtually any game in the poker world.

This game will give you hints to beat casino and poker games, and players can discover many new promotions and reviews with incredible bonuses.

Gwent: The Witched Card Game

The Witcher Card Game was launched in October 2018, although the game is on fire right now thanks to the Netflix series that has the same name. CD Projekt developed the game and is cross-platform (available for PC, PlayStation, Xbox One, and iOS).

Gwent is a collectible card game that faces two players for three rounds. Each player chooses one of five factions and builds a deck, then uses his best cards to beat his opponent, applying spells and special abilities, depending on the strategy adopted by the player.

Gwent: The Witched Card Game has advanced graphics and includes several game modes like friendly matches, ranked matches, and Arena Mode. There is also a practice mode to challenge yourself against an AI opponent.

Super Blackjack Battle II Turbo

If you are a nostalgic player, you probably think: “This name is not suitable for a Blackjack game, but it reminds me a bit of Super Street Fighter II Turbo”; well, you are right.

Capcom developed Super Blackjack Battle II Turbo taking advantage of SSFIIT graphic design, and using its history took the player on a Blackjack trip to Las Vegas, where he must defeat the gangster of the city.

The game is about Blackjack, so don’t expect street fights, although the game does include “table fights” against other casino players. SBBIIT includes a multiplayer option that allows matches with up to 4 players. Don’t forget that in Blackjack you compete against the house and not against your friends!

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