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1495480cookie-checkOn the Rise and Future of Mobile Gambling

On the Rise and Future of Mobile Gambling

Change is the one constant in this world. It is arguable that this chaos is what gave rise to life in the first place, and in all likelihood, at some distant point unfathomable to man, it will bring an end to the very life that arose because of it. Less philosophically and more pragmatic civilization changes as it shifts through various epochs. Growing, shrinking, dissolving, and arising.
Mobile gaming is one such change that has emerged over the last two decades. What started out as developers’ small passion projects has now grown into an industry generating sixty-eight billion dollars a year.

Despite the criticism, both rightful and stagnant the industry receives; its rise was likely inevitable. Video games became popular with the rise of home personal computers. As we began to carry around with us ever more advanced computational devices, it would logically follow that gaming would arise and prevail on said platform.

The incorporation of video games, specifically the original Doom, drove the success of the windows operating system. Thus, it likely was inevitable that a company like Apple would create a distribution platform to facilitate both data transfer and payments for developers. Sure, prior to 2008, there were games on mobile devices. Often passion projects of developers, but there was no readily available transfer option that was widely distributed among the public.

After the introduction of the App store, the market predictably exploded and grew with the availability of mobile devices. Eventually, Google and several third-party competitors would iterate on and improve Apple’s initial design putting the availability of games, music, etc., on nearly every mobile device. Mobile markets have plateaued as of 2018, but gaming continues to grow in revenue generation year over year.


Gambling as the age-old institution it is has grown with the mobile gaming market. Online gambling offers a unique loophole in anti-gambling laws as websites are generally governed by where they keep their servers or are incorporated. Companies in Nevada and other nations with friendlier gambling laws and regulations can offer gambling to the entire world without violating any the law.

This has lead to over 75% of the industries’ transactions being conducted online rather than in person. With people having as many options as they do, our advertiser partners want you to evaluate the various possibilities available to you while gambling responsibly. Check out BetMGM online casino reviews for more information.

Right now, the mobile market has never been more extensive, but eventually, as technology progresses, it will have a competitor in the smart home market. Right now we enjoy fridges that keep track of our groceries, devices that order food, play music, or change the channel for us. These devices and the technological impact on our lives is becoming the new norm.

Eventually, you’ll be able to install applications that will function across your smart network. This will include gaming and gambling, creating a competing market to mobile. Trends suggest this future, like the inevitable rise of mobile gaming, is unavoidable. Smart devices, like cellphones, will continue to advance in both processing power and interconnectivity. Distribution models designed for mobile will eventually migrate into nexuses that manage your smart network. From there, every interconnected device will become an extension of the network, allowing you to play games across your home. Giving rise along with efforts to establish a great reset to a cyberpunk-esk future.

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