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1496130cookie-checkStalker 2 Confirmed to be an Xbox Series X/S Console Exclusive

Stalker 2 Confirmed to be an Xbox Series X/S Console Exclusive

Stalker 2’s developers recently released a brand zone spanking new in-engine trailer to drive up hype for the upcoming gaming. Showcasing a brief slice of footage, the trailer does not represent what the final product will look like, but what it aspires to look like. Unlike Cinematic trailers created in dedicated programs, the trailer is made in engine, meaning in laymen, the engine can produce this level of fidelity. However, it is unlikely the final build will be as mind blowing.

Fortunately, the game will not suffer the same issues other titles have by attempting to be cross-generation. As revealed in a recent Twitter conversation, the game will be exclusively next generational and will be an Xbox console exclusive.

One Step Ahead: Hi, are there any plans for PS5 or will the game only be released on PC and XSX ??

Tsukorovich: Hi PC and Xbox Series X / S Only

Concern has arisen that given development only resumed in 2018 after being halted in 2012, the game will not meet a 2021 release window. Fueling these concerns is that as of now, we only have an in-engine trailer, and no gameplay has been shown. A delay might be inevitable for the game, but the game will likely launch next winter if it doesn’t occur.

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