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How Popular Video Games Use Casino Concept

The two multi-billion industries, gaming and iGaming, could end up being much more similar than anyone might think. Namely, video game developers often include certain casino elements as a part of their games. And to be honest, there is nothing strange in all of that. After all, gambling is yet another highly addictive activity that could lure in new players and make them play the game longer.

Such video games with incorporated chance elements give that extra something to a regular match 3, adventure, puzzle, or even more complicated game genres. Video game creators are in constant pursuit of unique features, concepts and elements that will cause that “WOW” effect that will affect the number of active users and player diversity and demographics.

And indeed, the casino concept became so common in video games over the past couple of years. The idea to blend the two offer game developers a chance to make the storylines more diverse and attract new users.  

Here are some of the example of the casino concept used in video games:

  • GTA: San Andreas
  • Watchdogs
  • The Witcher
  • Fallout New Vegas
  • The Sims 3
  • Final Fantasy VIII

GTA: San Andreas and Casino Video Games Elements

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular games in the industry, and if you ever played it, you know that it is an action-packed adventure with an incredible gaming story. When it comes to the 2004 release GTA: San Andreas, it contains some casino and gambling elements. In essence, the main character Carl Johnson visits a vice city, Los Santos.

When he is framed with murder, he goes on a quest to bring justice to San Andreas. He then visits  Las Venturas – a city where he can play poker, blackjack, slots and wheel of fortune just like in any $20 minimum deposit casino. And as a player, you will get some bonus codes and an opportunity to play the casino games a little bit longer. The players can win extra money this way that will help them later on.

Watch Dogs and Casino Elements

This is yet another viral video game developed by Ubisoft. Watch Dogs was a huge hit when released in 2014, and there is no denying that. This action-adventure where players can complete main quests can also engage in different side ones. There can be up to eight players in GTA: San Andreas working together towards the same goal.

The setting is the fictional Chicagoland area, and the main character is Aiden Pearce. This character does all sorts of criminal deeds and mainly uses his phone to hack bank accounts, security systems, control trains and traffic lights. He does this by solving puzzles, and you will be able to play different mini casino games.

Casino Games in The Witcher

This title was initially released in 2007, but two sequels were released in 2015. The incredible storyline and gameplay made The Witcher one of the trending titles of the season. Players will have the opportunity to enjoy this action RPG based on the novel series The Witcher and play a card game while on your quest to defeat the monsters. The casino features used in the Witcher resemble one of the greatest casino games ever – poker. This is precisely why poker enthusiasts love playing this RPG so much.

Fallout New Vegas and Vegas Casino Concept

Fallout New Vegas is another RPG with unique casino elements. If you ever played Fallout New Vegas, you probably remember the post-apocalyptic theme and futuristic setting combined with some Las Vegas retro features. In this post-apocalyptic world where greed, plagues, and crime is spreading, the main character Courier needs to go to New Vegas and deliver a package.

Of course, Fallout New Vegas would be boring if that task was that simple. Among all the other entertaining elements in Fallout New Vegas, most players are delighted with the gambling feature. Since the city is based in Las Vegas, there will be plenty of casinos and casino games such as slots, roulette and blackjack. Naturally, winning the money will help you boost your character’s efficiency. The developers went a step further and added food and drinks to this section. Thus, you will be able to restore your health while gambling.

Casino Slot Games Concept in The Sims 3

The Sims is a life simulation and a franchise that managed to hit the number of 200 million sold copies globally. This makes it one of the top bestsellers in the industry. Everything in The Sims 3 revolves around mini-quests that surround the main one. Moreover, the gaming community loved their 2009 release by Electronic Arts, and this version got all the highest grades from critics.

And as you probably know, you get to control the life and fate of your characters. And with very few limitations. If you feel like making your character a casino enthusiast who loves Hallmark casino no deposit bonus codes, you might as well do that. Sims 3 has a casino add on players can buy and play slots, roulette, blackjack, or poker via their character. However, no real money is involved. Besides, you can build a casino through your character and add all the different features you like.

Casino in Video Game Final Fantasy VIII

If you are a casino fan and love RPGs with fantasy and science fiction themes, you will love Final Fantasy VIII. And yet again, the developers did a fantastic job when it comes to blending gaming with iGaming. They incorporated a mini gambling game named Triple Triad, which uses AI technology. The rules are pretty simple, the highest value of the card wins, and all you need to do is get the right card. The story behind the Triple Triad is also an interesting one – as it revolves around Orlan, the psychic who created tarot cards for gambling.

Wrapping It Up

There are probably tons of other consoles, PC and mobile games that use the casino concept in their gameplay. It is pretty simple – the developers use these gambling ideas to make the games tempting and engaging to players. These games’ storyline complexity asks for a short break, and what’s better than spinning some reels or playing cards? The most important thing is that the incorporated casino features in these games work just fine and serve their purpose – they make the game even more exciting.

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