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1497530cookie-checkChapter 192 of Dr Stone has Shocked Readers

Chapter 192 of Dr Stone has Shocked Readers

Written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi, Dr Stone has been one of the strongest additions to Shounen Jump within the last few years, and has remained steadily close to the top of the polls with its scientific take on the shounen genre. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic earth 3,700 years after the world was turned to stone, and follows Senku as he frees himself from the stone and endeavours to free the world. The manga highlights the painstaking scientific journey that Senku takes to create a formula that can free others from the stone and discover what caused this petrification. (Spoilers ahead)

Throughout these 192 chapters, Senku and his friends had made considerable progress, from discovering the formula to free people from stone, to finding the Medusa, the device used to turn people into stone, and finally the origin of the “petri-beam” in South America.

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The South America arc has been one of the most exciting throughout the entirety of the story, and what started as a war in America between Senku’s crew and another group of humans culminated in a chase through the South American jungle. The past few chapters, however, have left fans in shock. Fan have read through cliffhanger after cliffhanger, from supposed character deaths, plans within plans, and finally the world once more being petrified. The ending to this arc was unlike any that preceded it, and creates a massive change in direction for the series.

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To fans invested in the series, the recent developments have left us guessing what could happen next. The manga can take on many directions and fans hope that Inagaki and Boichi will keep us entertained. If you have been thinking of reading Dr. Stone, now is a perfect time to start reading.

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